A Bouquet of Flowers in Winter

I miss spring. I miss summer.

The northeast is still in the grip of winter and it’s far from pleasant. This past weekend we had such lovely highs as -5 degrees Fahrenheit (with the wind chill). My husband and I are convinced humans were not meant to live in this type of weather. We are warm weather creatures, especially as we age. The photo below is a view of what I was greeted with when I stepped outside over the weekend. Very pretty, yes, but wretchedly cold. Especially when the wind was whipping snow all over the place throughout the day.

A split rail fence and tree covered with snow

Hubby and I are looking forward to spring when we can once again set up our back porch and deck. When I think spring, I imagine robins, Easter, bunny rabbits, and . . . flowers. Who doesn’t like the bright and colorful blooms that transform gardens and homes into a vibrant tapestry of color? But flowers are much more than just a gardener’s delight. They can be used for pressing, in aromatherapy, and in recipes, to name a few applications.

I’m delighted to announce that my friend and sister author Sandra Cox is offering FLOWER GARDENS AND MORE for just $.99 on Amazon through February 21st.  Check out the blurb for this book that will have you thinking spring:


FLOWER GARDENS AND MORE gives basic information on flowers, different gardens, planting instructions and composting. This book also details uses for flowers after they bloom that include: aromatherapy, pressing, and recipes for edibles. In addition there’s information on carnivorous plants, floriography and a quick reference chart. Wondering about zones? Which flowers are poisonous to your pets? Find the answers in this handy little book. There’s even a florascope personality test.

Graphic advertising sale of book Flower Gardens and More has sun and daisies

If you’re thinking spring like I am, go grab a bouquet of flowers and download FLOWER GARDENS AND MORE. It’s the perfect way to embrace a bit of spring during these blustery cold days of winter.

Purchase from Amazon for $.99 through February 21st

Connect with Sandra at the following haunts:

38 thoughts on “A Bouquet of Flowers in Winter

  1. A beautiful postcard winter image! Just that. I no longer enjoy freezing cold and mountains of snow. However, this winter has been milder, up to now, here. It’s spring weather in the middle of February ( unusual).
    I will send some of the warm weather your way.

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    • Carmen, I envy your warm weather. Please do send some of those mild temperatures my way. As I type this, it’s snowing yet again and is supposed to continue through most of the day. Brrrr!


  2. What a helpful sounding book! And just the ticket to curtail the winter blues. My husband was really good with flowers, as was my mother. My thumb is not so green, but I always have good intentions. Your snow scenery is breathtaking, but I can see how it would be wretched day after day after day.

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    • That’s it exactly. Day after day, it gets very old. I like winter, but only during December. And the first snow of the year is magical. After that, I’m ready for spring.

      When it comes to flowers, I’m somewhere in the middle of the road. I usually do better with house plants, although right now I have one that is proving a problem child. No matter what I do, it just isn’t happy and keeps dropping leaves. I think it needs spring, too!


  3. I’m so ready for spring! We had a few snows, but none of it really stuck around. I hate cold weather UNLESS it snows. I love snow, but I prefer it when the temps are just at the freezing point. That below zero stuff? Brrrrr! Bring on the flowers!

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    • The below zero stuff is just nasty. Even single digits, teens and twenties are too cold for me. Snow is pretty, but when it keeps piling up I’ve had enough. I’m ready for flowers, too! 🙂


    • LOL! I envy you living in the south (although I just saw a lot of tornado damage in the panhandle). I have a feeling Michigan winters may be harsher than PA. I like snow to a degree, too. And I love autumn. My hubby always says “let’s move south and then you can visit for autumn and winter.” 😀

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      • Yeah, we have a house we share with another Florida couple in North Carolina. I like to go there in spring and fall, but not much in the winter. It’s on the Blue Ridge Parkway and the gravel drive is straight up the side of a mountain. In the ice and snow, that’s scary.

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  4. I live in the UK, in the middle bit and this year we have had no snow at all, only lots of rain. My spring bulbs are already showing but there is a heavy frost today making them wilt. I hope they survive the cold.
    This looks like a fabulous book and just the kind of thing I am interested in, I am sure it will do well.


    • Daisy, I know how much yo love gardening, flowers and flower lore. Sandra’s book does seem like a good fit for you.

      I do hope your bulbs survive the frost. It would be lovely to see pictures of them come spring.

      I follow another author who lives in England (I forget what part) and he had a post not that long ago commenting about the excessive amount of rain they’ve been getting. It’s pouring (mixed with sleet) right now as I type this. Lots of rain predicted today, but it could be worse. It could be snow, LOL!.

      Stay dry! 🙂

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  5. Beautiful pic, Mae! Every time I hear the national weather geeks talk about the cold hitting the East Coast, I can’t help shaking my head. Only -5 windchill? Of course, living in MN gives me a bit of an edge 😉 We’re gonna hit 47ish today, and above freezing for the next week. Woo-hoo! This year we’ve been spoiled: only about 4 days all season with windchills below -10. Not much snow either, and temps haven’t tanked below -20.


    Love flowers, but I can’t justify a separate garden just for flowers–if I’m gonna weed it, I’d better be able to eat it. 🙂 I do like to toss assorted flower seeds in the regular garden. It’s fun to see the bees and butterflies, and the colors spice up the green of the veggies. I might have to check out Sandra’s book 🙂

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    • When we hit cold temps in PA (anything below freezing) my husband and I immediately wonder how people in your neck of the woods can deal with those bitterly cold temps in the single digits and below zero. *shiver*

      I’m like a tropical fish or a cat. I need heat, LOL. Tomorrow we are going to be in the 50s so we’re going to enjoy a short warming trend. YAY!

      I’ve got a few flowers here and there around the house, but my green thumb is better indoors. I think there’s a lot of cool stuff in Sandra’s book for that, too!


  6. We went through Pennsylvania in February last year on a return trip from New York to Nevada. We got about as far as the sign that says “welcome to the wilds of Pennsylvania” when it became a white out snow storm. I think we were, ironically, just outside Snowshoe.


    • How ironic, LOL! And that must have been some drive, Ionia. I’ve flown to Nevada but never driven it. Sounds like you braved it in winter….and met PA’s lovely chilly months in the process. Thanks for popping in commenting! 🙂

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    • I do love winter views, and there is something to be said for being snug indoors when it’s dumping snow outside. It’s just the clean up afterward that is far from fun. On the plus side, I think we’ve had the last bad snow of the winter *fingers crossed*


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