Cover Reveal: Food for Poe by Mae Clair #Paranormal #Christmas #Romance

It’s October and I should be thinking about pumpkins, restless spirits, and things-that-go-bump in the night. I’ve got a Halloween mystery out right now with MYTH AND MAGIC, so that counts, right?

But as much as I enjoy Halloween, I adore Christmas far more. Without question, it’s my favorite holiday. That’s why I’m excited to be releasing a holiday novella in November. If you’ve visited my blog before, you’ve heard me talk about FOOD FOR POE, a Christmas romance with a paranormal twist and smidgen of horror.

And a cat. Did I mention it has a black cat? 🙂

Because this is an indie release, and because I’m quasi-versed in graphic design, I put the cover together. After scouring stock photography sites, I found models who were a good match for my characters, Breck Lansing and Quinn Easterly–and, of course, I had to find a charming black cat for Poe.

What do you think?

Cover of FOOD FOR POE with cute young couple and a black cat.


When a blizzard strands Quinn Easterly at a handsome stranger’s house on Christmas Eve, she doesn’t realize her newly adopted cat, Poe, is the catalyst responsible for bringing them together.

Breck Lansing gave up on relationships after his wife, unable to cope with their daughter’s illness, left him. But the pretty blonde he rescues from a snowstorm has him rethinking his stance—especially when Quinn’s arrival coincides with a dramatic change in Sophie’s health.

Unfortunately, that change also attracts something only whispered about in folklore. Together, Quinn and Breck must defeat a sinister creature intent on claiming the ultimate payment.

Warning: A clever black cat, Christmas magic and paranormal trouble


Poe’s release should fall somewhere in mid November. DH and I are taking a vacation to the tropics the beginning of the month (you’ll notice me missing) and I plan to publish the story when we return. After a week of tropical waters, sandy beaches, sun, and fun, I’ll be ready to focus on writing and publishing.

Now I just have to start planning promo. 🙂

In the meantime, I’m happy to say you can add FOOD FOR POE to your Goodreads list by clicking here.

I am such a sap when it comes to animals, especially cats. If there was any doubt, take a look at the closet door and entrance door to my office/den. There’s another/different guy outside, too 🙂


29 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: Food for Poe by Mae Clair #Paranormal #Christmas #Romance

  1. I love all – cover, story, as far as I read in the blurb, and the cat(s). I already added it to my list.
    Have a lovely vacation with DH!
    PS I sent you email regarding promo

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    • Thanks for all of that, Carmen, including the promo link. I will be sure to check it out. I’m looking forward to the vacation just to unwind and relax. A few more weeks to go, and then when I come back…Poe! 🙂 Glad you liked my cats 🙂


    • Thanks so much, Craig and I will take you up on that 🙂 I know you’re in the middle of a blog tour, so we can figure out the details when everything quiets down for you. I hope Will O’ the Wisp is finding new fans. It’s an ideal read for Halloween.

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    • Oo, you must say hello to Oz and Willow for me 🙂 My last cat was a black male (Onyx) and I kept picturing him when I wrote Poe. So glad you’re looking forward to the read, Lauralynn!


  2. Sounds like a fun read. I’ll definitely be settling down with my Kindle and a cup of tea with your story during the Christmas break.
    And I’m looking forward to meeting Poe. Great job on the cover, Mae.

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