Change, Idiots, and Mr. Evening by Mae Clair

It’s official. I’m an idiot.

I had a cool blog post lined up for yesterday’s Mythical Monday and then realized it was Labor Day. Since I’m rarely online over a holiday, I decided to save it for later, but then discovered …wait for it…I HADN’T SAVED THE BLOODY THING! *smacks palm to forehead*

What’s really frustrating is that I had tied the post (about a chameleon) into the changing look for my blog. Clever of me, don’t you think? Or, at least it would have been if I’d saved it. Hopefully, I can make it through this post without hitting “close” or “delete.” Pffff!

In any event, I couldn’t wait any longer to unveil my new blog look. So, what do you think? I’ve never been a huge fan of red, but I think the color works well with the suspense angle. And I love the mystery elements inherent in the photo of the house I chose for my header. Spooky and moody.

My home page has been tweaked, my bio redone, and my sidebar cleaned up. I even added a snazzy new graphic for my newsletter sign-up link (subscribers welcomed and eagerly encouraged). 🙂

So…the shop has been set up and I’m settling into my spiffy new digs. Of course there are always “creatures” milling about and whispers of who-knows-what rattling the window frames, and making bumps-in-the-night. I don’t’ get too upset with the distractions since they’re good for inspiration.  I expect the Mothman and Mr. Evening to arrive soon and then I can get down to the business of writing.

What’s that you say?

Young man in dark, wearing suit and looking into cameraI neglected to introduce you to Mr. Evening? No worries. He’s promised a proper introduction in book 2 of my Point Pleasant Series. In the meantime, he’s acting as muse in my newly remodeled home.

Several of my friends routinely have their wonderful muses dropping in for visits. Donna Cummings has the divine Endora, Craig Boyack the lovely Lorelei, and Julie Holmes has a hunky guy who calls her “love.”  😀 I thought it was time I summoned up my own muse, and Mr. Evening promptly answered the call…which could be a problem given his role in A COLD TOMORROW, but I’ll worry about that later.

In the meantime, I invite you to check out my new home on the web, make yourself comfy and stay a while. 🙂

40 thoughts on “Change, Idiots, and Mr. Evening by Mae Clair

  1. Yes, I love the new look. Congratulations! It really fits your genre Romantic Suspense.
    As about Mr Evening. . . Hm! I don’t know. He looks too charming to his own good. And yours. Take care! Appearances are deceptive. So is he.


    • Oh yes, a most deceptive character, LOL.` We’re still getting to know each other as I plot his inclusion in Book 2 of the Point Pleasant series.

      Glad you like my new abode. I had fun designing it! 🙂


  2. The site’s looking really good. Great job with it. Can’t wait to hear more about Mr. Evening. (And don’t feel too bad about not saving the original post; we’ve all done that. At least, I hope everyone else has. That’s what I tell myself when I do something like that, anyway.)

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    • It’s soo frustrating when you have something nearly finished and think you’ve stored it safely tucked away only to realize you saved something else from another open window instead. Ack!

      Thanks for visiting, Staci. So glad you like the new look. I really loved the old one, too, but I think it was time for redecorating more in line with my love of mystery! 🙂


  3. The new look is great, Mae! When you mentioned your unsaved post, I suffered some deja vu. Okay, lots of deja vu. Been there, done that. The worst part of it is, you write the post and manage to work in some clever stuff, but when you have to rewrite it, all you can manage is the not-quite-clever stuff. Doh! Oh, and my Muse sends his best wishes for your new collaborations with Mr. Evening. He also said Mr. Evening is not welcome in my writing area, so the Thursday night poker games will have to be held elsewhere. 😉

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    • Oh, yeah. The second go-round is never as brilliant as the first, LOL. That level of frustration is just…frustrating.

      And I’ll be sure to tell Mr. E. he’s to stay out of your writing area. I wouldn’t want your guy ticked at us, LOL. I’m sure there will be a lot of discussion about authors at those Thursday night poker games. Oh, to be a fly on the wall! 😀


    • What you went through redesigning yours was far worse than what I had to tackle, Sue. Just glad your wonderful, resourceful site is all back in place.

      And thanks for the comments about my space. The “mysterious, smoldering in suspense” is exactly what I was hoping for! 🙂

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  4. Not a fan of red?! It’s my favorite color! I love the new look, especially the house at the top. I can imagine there will be all kinds of spooky goings-on in there–a perfect writing retreat for you. Endora and I can’t wait to hear what Mr. Evening has to say. 🙂 (Of course, now SHE thinks she needs a title — a first name won’t be enough for her now. LOL)

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    • You can tell her that only truly BIG name stars get to go by one name….like Cher, Adele, and Endora! That should calm her down some, LOL.

      Oh, and I do like red (I drive a red SUV) just wasn’t sure about it for my space. Now, though, I am in LOVE with it! Just looking at that house makes me imagine stories 🙂


  5. Love the new look! I like it when the furniture gets changed around on these blogs. What a nice surprize, and so fitting. I’ve pushed the shift or control button a couple of times and lost the entire post I created. Argh! But you played a nice comeback 🙂

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    • It appears quite a few of us have fallen victim to the vanishing post, LOL. Thanks for dropping in to check out my new digs, Susan! It was a lot of fun to redesign the site and got my creativity going for all things artsy and graphic-design 🙂

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  6. Love the new blog look… it becomes you.
    lmao… we all forget to save things at time… I’ve done it loads of times and asked Pat to hand me yonder wall so I can bash it on my head. 😀

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    • LOL. It’s good that wall was immobile, Kev. But soooo frustrating, isn’t it? I haven’t lost a post in a long time because I KNOW BETTER!! Well…apparently not, LOL.

      Thanks for dropping by and checking out the new digs. I feel right at home! 🙂

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      • I think it’s my subconscious keeping me safe when I ask for a wall. 😉

        Love your new digs and will be back! Hey… I sound like Arnie! 😀

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    • Hi, Lauralynn. I love the red house, too. I think it works really well with the overall mood I wanted to evoke. Isn’t it wonderful how colors conjure feelings? Thanks for visiting, and I hope to have Food For Poe available in November. Glad you’re looking forward to new releases! 😃


  7. Sorry I haven’t made it by sooner, Darlin’! Gorgeously spooky update. I love red so I really love what you’ve done here. Now…to get a mysterious piccy of you taken to go with it. 😉 Oh, thinking Mr. Evening fits in nicely too. 🙂

    Re: losing the prior post- I don’t know how you do it, but I write ALL of my posts up in Word and copy them to my blog so I don’t lose them (like I did several in the past, which prompted this new method). Then, if I fail to save on the blog, I have them saved to my hard drive as a backup or for future reference/reuse. 🙂


    • Hiya, you! So delighted to have you pop in to check out my new digs. I’m really pleased you like it, and yes, I shall have to work on doing some kind of moody pic of moi to plaster up there, LOL.

      Regarding the blog post….I do exactly what you do. That’s the sad part. I forgot to save it in Word. 😦 I think I must have had too many windows open and clicked close, don’t save because I thought it was something unimportant. Duh! Lesson learned….slow down and refrain from multi-tasking! 🙂


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