Endora is Back! Bad Ex Karma by Donna Cummings

Wow, do I feel important! Donna Cummings’ supremely esteemed muse, Endora, has agreed to pop in for a quick visit, and this time she’s come bearing gifts. Remember that giveaway from last week? If you haven’t already read her fabulous interview, you can find it here. Then be sure to check the follow-up below on how to collect your prize.


Hello lovelies – Endora here! Donna’s busy writing right now. Hah! I couldn’t even say that with a straight face. Which reminds me. I need to schedule another Botox appointment. . .

But, while I have your attention, I wanted to say a huge thank you for lavishing so much attention on me during my interview the other day. You were all so darling and devoted and I had so much fun I had to come by for one more visit.

I also wanted to give you your free copy of Bad Ex Karma, a book I collaborated on with Donna. I hope you’ll enjoy it and find it amusing. If not, well, I was probably gone when Donna worked on it.

All you need to do is email me at EndoraMuse@outlook.com. Isn’t that droll? I have my own email account! Not that I have time to answer it myself. I’ve given Donna the requisite permission, so she can do all the heavy lifting for me. I’ll be watching over her shoulder, though, to make sure she isn’t up to any mischief.

Anyway, if you’re a Kindle person, make sure you let me know which email you use so I can have the book sent there. If you’re a B&N person, let me know your email for that. If you’re neither, we’ll manage to work some other sort of magic.

Thank you again for being so wonderful. I’d love to stay but my day is filled with a multitude of important activities. There’s my daily massage, and a mani/pedi, and I’ve been dying to try out this new restaurant before I start interviewing personal assistants. Oh, and yes, I’ve got to schedule in some time to torment assist Donna. The poor dear is working on TWO stories at once. I suppose I should help her out. . .

Until next time! *disappears in a puff of smoke*


BEK_medBlurb of Bad Ex Karma:

The dating gods must be crazy.

I’d thought my five-year anniversary would include a fancy dinner, some great sex, and maybe fending off a marriage proposal. Instead, it was the worst sex ever, and at the restaurant, my boyfriend broke up with me.

It’s like I’ve been cursed with Bad Ex Karma. Whenever I try to date a new guy, he ends up with a concussion or a trip to the ER.

My internal “disaster consultants”, the What Ifs, completely missed the clues leading to the breakup, so now they’re working overtime to protect me from another potential heartbreak. My two best friends set me up on dates while assuring me it won’t put men on the endangered species list.

There’s one man who seems completely immune to the curse: a sexy chef named Jonathan. He keeps popping up in my life, and he stirs up the most delicious feelings. Maybe Bad Ex Karma isn’t such a bad thing after all. . .

17 thoughts on “Endora is Back! Bad Ex Karma by Donna Cummings

  1. Oh, Endora, aren’t you a doll? Working all day long, and Donna taking advantage of your inborn kindness and willingness to help her. I think she’s exploiting you. TWO stories at once. Outrageous! If ever wanting to find another work place give me a call. Though I’m not sure the hot weather around here, right now, will suit you, dear. Keep in touch!


    • I can see where Endora will be taking her next vacation! If only she worked HALF as hard as she thinks she does, I’d get so much more done. 🙂 She does adore hot weather though. Those filmy things she likes to wear don’t hold up very well in the winter. LOL


    • Ooo, Carmen, and just think….Endora would get a chance to visit Dracula’s country. I can just see her and The Count connecting! I have a feeling he’d charm her enough to forget the weather, hot or warm 🙂


  2. Mae, thanks again for letting Endora take over. Your praise has made her even more insufferable than before (I’m typing this while she’s gone looking for some more coffee — I should be safe. LOL) Anyway, we both appreciate you letting us visit. Now, where should we put all of Endora’s suitcases. . .


    • Alicia, Endora’s in the midst of her mani pedi and can’t use her fingers right now, so I’m typing for her. (Like I *always* do. Ahem.) Anyway, she says you’re welcome to follow her around and learn how to be a diva, although it won’t be easy, since it comes so naturally to her. LOL


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