The Where and Why of Vanishing by Mae Clair

Life has been a bit cagey for me lately.  Temporary upheaval on the day job spun a few things around, and I found myself covering a different department until a replacement could be found. I work in real estate and spring is when the housing market explodes. As a result, it’s been chaotic. I normally write my blog posts in the evenings and on weekends, but lately I couldn’t summon the energy to look at a computer after ping-ponging between my job and the temporary one. Fortunately, we now have someone new in that position, and life is spiraling back to a normal axis.

Two of my weekends also got sucked up in a bathroom remodeling project with my husband, and a plethora of yard work. Sadly, this is the first thing I’ve written since March 30th.

Am I whining? Yes!  I’ve missed blogging, I’ve missed visiting characters I’d left languishing in unfinished stories and notes, and I’ve missed making my regular blogosphere rounds. So if I’ve been low-key or completely AWOL from your blog recently, all of that is about to change. My mojo has returned. Huzzah!

And I do have some good things to report from those long weeks of languishing without my muse:

I am two scenes away from finishing a paranormal romance, Christmas novella (how’s that for a genre and a mouthful?) called FOOD FOR POE. Poe was my WIP when March 30th hit and my writing world went whacky. I’m hoping to wrap the story and indie pub it in time for Christmas. It’s a weird combination of Hallmark and folklore with a smidgen of horror tossed in. Not your normal Christmas read. 🙂

I joined a local critique group and have met some fabulous writers. It’s been years decades since I’ve been part of a local writing group, and I’m enjoying interacting with my peers. Only other writers truly “get” writers. Just to have that connection again is fantastic. The group has also been great in providing feedback on my submissions. Coupled with my two online critique partners, I feel like I’ve got a strong foundation to keep me grounded and on target with my goals.

Statue of my favorite cryptid, the Mothman, in downtown Point Pleasant, West Virginia

Statue of my favorite cryptid, the Mothman, in downtown Point Pleasant, West Virginia

I heard back from my editor regarding A THOUSAND YESTERYEARS, my Mothman mystery/suspense novel. She asked me to tighten up one of my plot threads (which I did) then she gave it her approval. YAY! Step one, down.

The manuscript is now on its way to a senior editor in the house. Because I’m venturing into a new/different genre (very little romance with more emphasis on mystery and suspense) it has to be approved by that editor as well. It will probably be 2-3 months until I get a response, but in the meantime I plan on finishing FOOD FOR POE, then starting on the sequel to Yesteryears—A COLD TOMORROW. I’ve put a ton of work and research into my Point Pleasant Series, and I strongly believe Yesteryears is my best effort to date. Hopefully, Kensington Publishing will feel the same. Wish me luck on that one!

Mythical Monday should be back on track beginning this coming Monday. I’ve got new beastie folklore I’m anxious to share, so look for more creature features from my pen.

I was tagged in a blog post by C. S. Boyack on WIPs and hope to have something up soon. It looks like a fun one, so I’m eager to sit down and draft up something about my projects. Hopefully, Craig won’t’ mind I’ve taken so long to get my act in gear.

Finally, here’s hoping everyone has had an enjoyable and productive three weeks while I’ve been on sabbatical. Missed you guys, and am looking forward to diving back into the blogosphere! 🙂

26 thoughts on “The Where and Why of Vanishing by Mae Clair

  1. Welcome back to the blogosphere world!
    I missed your posts. But anyway, apart from the job issues, you did a great progress with your writing. Great for you!

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    • Hi, Carmen and thanks. It felt so weird to know my blog was languishing, but I just could summon the energy. Now I feel revitalized and am ready to jump back in. I completely blew Camp NaNo (which was this month) but I might try my own NaNo in May. In the meantime, as you said–even without writing, I still made progress. I have to look at the positives! 🙂


  2. Wow. My heart goes out to you Mae. I’ve been in that position myself so I know how trying it can be when no matter how hard you work you can’t coordinate everything. Especially, when you feel the day speeds by and it’s time to call it a night and a voice inside your head is screaming “Wait, I’m not finished.” I wish you well and congratulations with all the new endeavors in your writing world. It’s wonderful to have you back 🙂

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    • Hi, my friend. It’s so nice to have you drop by to comment, Tammy, and also to know I’m not the only one who has been down this path. Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day, but the good thing is that the days eventually resolve themselves into something manageable. It’s great to be back and have the support of my friends! 😃


  3. You’ve been sorely missed, but somehow and in some weird way that mystical universal mojo has me running in circles as well! Haven’t had a breather in a while, but I do see the light at the end of the tunnel! Looking forward to your amazing new works! (And Mythical Monday…)!!!


    • I can imagine you’re crazy busy with your latest release COURT OF THE HAWK (which I’m enjoying by the way. It’s my current read). So glad to hear you’ve spied some light at the end of the tunnel. I think I’m finally emerging into daybreak. YAY! Thanks for popping in to welcome me back! 🙂


  4. Well, the return of your mojo and yourself is so welcome my smile hurts! I, too, have been suffering with a surfeit of plants, but I’m almost over it now. So, good luck with FOOD FOR POE – now there’s a name to conjure with!


    • Aww, Frederick, thank you for that smile and welcome back, I am glad to hear you have not been completely overrun (you have such a unique way of expressing things, LOL). And yes, FOOD FOR POE is an odd one to say the least 🙂


  5. You’re entitled to take a break from time to time. Sometimes real life gets in the way of our blogging.
    I’m already looking forward to your Christmas story. A dash of horror in my reading during the holidays sounds right up my alley.
    Have a fab weekend, Mae.

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    • Thanks, Emma. You’re right– we should be able to step back now and again. Especially without feeling guilty. I’m just thankful to be back…and I’m glad you’re looking forward to Poe.. It’s a weird mix of genres, but I think it works!

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    • Hey you! It’s wonderful to have you drop by. I so need to catch up with your stuff, too. I think you have a new release coming out soon. Yay! We can catch up together 😃


  6. We all have those zany episodes of life from time to time, and I’m glad your whirlwind is almost over. Congratulations on all success fronts. I’m glad you got to work with your husband on a remodel. My husband and I always enjoyed doing things like that on weekends. Looking forward to more Mythic Mondays and your upcoming books!

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    • Hi, Flossie. The bathroom remodel is one week away from being complete. We constantly have a house project going on and although it consumes a lit of time the results are always rewarding. Thanks so much for dropping by. I’m thrilled to be back and looking forward to sharing and connecting with all of my friends. Congrats on all you have going on, too with your Wytchfae series!


    • Hi, Jane! And I’m equally honored that on my first day back you popped in to stay hello. I always like to see what new read you feature on your blog…and Maxie was too adorable not to gush over, LOL!


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