Another Day on the Road, by Mae Clair

It’s another day on the road for me, as I visit the blog of my friend Carmen Stefanescu. Carmen is a talented lady who has the distinction of living in “Dracula’s Country,” otherwise known as Romania. She shares intriguing posts about her country’s folklore and history, as well as topics on writing. She’s always happy to feature other writers and is the author of SHADOWS OF THE PAST, an intriguing novel which blends parallel stories ofย history, and present day. I’m so glad I’ve connected with her.

Do drop over and say hello if you can. I’m talking about family dynamics and ECLIPSE LAKE, as I continue to take Dane, Ellie, Jesse, and Jonah, out and about. And while you’re visiting, consider signing up to follow Carmen’s blog. She always has something interesting to share!

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