Mythical Monday: Jellyfish of the Air? by Mae Clair

There are many strange things that exist or are rumored to exist in our world, plus a plethora of oddities that defy explanation. Many people believe multiple dimensions flow through alternative timelines and places, others that they coexist within the same time and space as us, but aren’t visible to the naked eye.

Wilhelm Reich, a controversial psychoanalyst born in the late nineteenth century, was so convinced of this fact he set out to capture evidence on film.

Intense northern lights (Aurora borealis) over Lake Laberge, Yukon Territory, Canada, with silhouettes of willows on lake shore.Reich’s theory was built around the concept of something called “orgone,” a life force or cosmic energy omnipresent in the ground and sky. As proof such energy existed, Reich offered the Northern lights and St. Elmo’s fire as examples. He was so enraptured of the idea, he built “orgone accumulators”—life size boxes in which he hoped to harness the energy and use it to cure his patients of diseases such as cancer.

The problem with that: Wilhelm Reich was not a licensed medical practitioner, and this procedure along with his highly dubious mental state and other questionable treatment theories, eventually landed him in hot water with the authorities of his day. Details of Reich’s life can be found on Wikipedia for anyone interested in learning more about his bizarre behavior and therapy concepts.

What interests me is an experiment he supposedly conducted in 1953 with the help of photographer Norman Leistig. Reich had Leistig’s assistant raise an “orgone-charged” rod into the air in the hopes of attracting one of the invisible beings he believed existed. Within five seconds a huge jellyfish-like creature attached itself to the rod, becoming visible long enough for Leistig to capture it in a photograph. But the terrified screams of Leistig’s assistant so repulsed the manifestation it faded from sight.

Supposedly, twelve additional people witnessed the spectacle. Reich and Leistig were so unnerved by the experiment they refused to discuss it (although it’s rumored Leistig referred to Reich as “the Devil himself” much later in life).

Interestingly, I couldn’t find a single mention of this experiment among the numerous sites I visited related to Reich or Leistig, and I checked many. Even Google images came up blank. That makes me question whether it even took place, but like anything in a “cabinet of curiosities” I’m drawn to the idea. I originally stumbled across the story and a pin of the photo on Pinterest.

The original link connects to a photo blog for the Caledonian Mining Expedition Company. Check out the second photo from the top, then come back and let me know what you think. Hoax or not you’ve got to admit that is one seriously cool photo…although I certainly wouldn’t want to get stung by that thing. No wonder Leistig’s assistant screamed his head off!

14 thoughts on “Mythical Monday: Jellyfish of the Air? by Mae Clair

  1. I belong to the category of those who believe in the existence of multiple dimensions and the fact that there are beings we can’t see but are here beside us. Given the date the photo is taken, 1953, I think it’s no fake. There was no Photoshop in those years.
    And usually authorities have the tendency to label as “nuts” those who claim to see unusual things or have certain skills in healing, or invented apparata humankind would greatly benefit from. What would happen to the pharmaceutical companies then?I You made me curious and checked the topic. In my opinion, the fact that they burned all his work and he ‘died’ in jail, then yep, he was onto something!!!!! Thanks for an interesting topic!


    • Glad you checked him out, Carmen. He was definitely a character!

      The alternate dimension theory certainly bears consideration. It would explain a lot of oddities in our world, including one of my personal favorites–the Mothman (some people believe he/it materialized from another dimension and returned there). As for Wilhelm Reich, he might have been onto something, but I definitely wouldn’t have wanted to be one of his patients, based on some of his medical practices. But ooooh, it would be so cool to think that giant jellyfish-like thing could be floating around out there. And, hopefully, it’s friendly! 😀


  2. Freaky picture. Must have been taken just before the assistant started screaming. It doesn’t look real to me, but I guess I expected to look…older. But I must remember a photo taken in 1953 would be pretty good. Especially since I was born just nine years later. Really cool. I like that idea of other dimensions intermingling with ours. In fact, I have a book idea I’ve been playing with for a while that is about that. Maybe I should add jellyfish creatures! Great post Mae.


    • LOL! Okay, if giant airborne jellyfish end up in that story, at least I’ll know where they came from, Mary! 😀 Love the idea of a book that has other dimensions intermingling with ours. So many good possibilities in there!

      Glad you had a chance to check out the photo. It’s truly bizarre and freaky, like you said. So you knew I had to blow about it right, LOL!


  3. Food for thought….a feast for the imagination! You always manage to find them. Interesting photo and I guess I’m going to have to ponder that for awhile! Merry Christmas Mae and wishing you all the best in 2015!


    • It is definitely a very weird photo…and a weird story to go along with it. Even without the folklore attached, it would make a very interesting piece of wall art. Can you imagine the conversations that would start from that image?!?! 😀

      A Merry Christmas back at you, my friend, and best wishes for 2015! *gulp!* Hard to believe it is almost here!


  4. That picture you recommended was just plain freaky! I have NEVER seen anything like that before and I TRULY HOPE I NEVER EVER DO!!

    Thank you Mae for an interesting year of tales and truths and stories of hope. It has been hiighcly entertaining and true pleasure to get to know you 🙂


    • Hi, Heather. So glad to have you pop in and say hello (and check out that freaky photo, LOL). It’s been wonderful getting to know you too, and I’m delighted to have you as a reader of my blog. Merry Christmas! 🙂

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  5. Yes, I definitely believe in parallel and interconnected dimensions and think that many oddities are drop ins from elsewhere. When the objects come here, they don’t necessarily appear as they would in their own world, plus we’re seeing them through human eyes and may be seeing only part of the object. The picture is creepy and seems plausible to me. I recall when primitive peoples have seen objects they’ve never seen before, the brain does not quite compute, and they call them by names they are familiar with. Some theories maintain that we are holograms and split another self each time a decision is made or action taken. Some of our “selves” would live lives close to the way ours is, but some would be very different. Great post!


    • I like you’re description of “drop ins,” Flossie, and also the reference to primitive cultures calling things they don’t recognize by names they are familiar with. That makes sense (although that object really DOES look like a large jelly fish to me). Our world is definitely a wondrous place, with many unexplained phenomenon. The idea of other dimensions existing within the same time and space is fascinating! Thanks for your thoughtful comments!


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