Mae Clair’s Pen Pal: Meet Author Marilyn Conner Miles

Hand writing a letter with a goose featherToday, I‘d like to welcome Pen Pal Marilyn Conner Miles to my blog. Marilyn has dropped by with HOLIDAY HEART (who doesn’t like a bit of Christmas in the summer?) and a glimpse of her upcoming release, PERFECT PAIR. Naturally, before we get to the books, I’ve got a find out a bit about Marilyn. 🙂

Marilyn, please tell us a bit about yourself and how long you’ve been writing.

I stated writing when I learned to print –first or second grade. I’d write stories and gave them to my family and teachers. My second grade teacher gave one back to a family friend a few years back. Then I showed a story I’d written to the librarian of our grade school and she showed the principal. I illustrated all the stories too, and made “hardbacks” out of them by using the cardboard from my dad’s new white shirt packages. I used wire to attach the story to the “cover.”  

I took creative writing classes in high school and college. But then I worked in advertising, PR and marketing and wrote TV and radio commercials and print ads for newspapers, catalogs and brochures. I kept a journal for years. It wasn’t until I “retired” that I began to think about writing stories. I’ve had two stories published and have one soon-to-be published in the past year.

What a great track record. And–wow!–you were really creative as a child, making hardback copies of your early stories. That’s so clever! I would have loved doing that with mine if I’d thought about it. Now that we know how you wrote as a kid 😀 please tell us about your upcoming release. 

PERFECT PAIR is the last in the series that began with ACAPULO ADVENTURE, and continued with HOLIDAY HEART. Amber, a workaholic with few real friends, gets laid off from her job with a law firm in downtown Seattle. She has to give up her apartment and hopes to move in temporarily with her parents, but that doesn’t work out. With no job and soon no place to live, she agrees to take a house-and-pet-sitting position for a while. The problem is, she’s never had a pet, and the job is at a mini-farm!

What a great set-up! How did you choose your title?

I always have a hard time coming up with a title and tend to wait till the last minute. It seems to work. I tie it in with the story after I think up an appropriate name. For this last three story series, they have all been two word titles.

They have a great ring to them. I’m frequently still fishing around for a title when I reach the end of a novel too. I don’t know why they have to be so hard (at least for me).

Let’s switch gears and talk about pets for a minute. As an avowed cat lover who always had a feline with me when I was writing, I’m constantly curious if other writers have a furred friend hanging out with them in their work space. 

My cat thinks I’m her mother and follows me everywhere. We share my home office. She sits on her cat tree and talks to the birds outside and then walks over me or across the desk or keyboard. Sometimes she stares at the computer monitor. Half the time she sleeps on my lap with her head on my arm and I have to type with one hand.

LOL! I love it!  It’s so typical of a cat, all about their comfort and timing. You can’t help but love their personalities and how they demand attention.  

And finally, the quick-silver round. Please share your favorite:

Season: Autumn
Type of music: Country-western
Ice cream flavor: Chocolate chip mint
Owl or lark: Owl
Mountains or beach: Mountains—I live next to them

I bet you have a great view. You obviously have great taste in liking chocolate chip mint ice cream. It’s my favorite too, but my husband always says it’s like eating mouthwash. 

Thanks for being my guest today, Marilyn. It was a delight to learn more about you. I wish you much success with PERFECT PAIR and your entire series. 

If you’d like to know more about Marilyn Conner Miles, connect with her at the following haunts:


photoAuthor Bio
Marilyn began writing as soon as she could print. Her first career was in the transportation industry, working for the airlines. Her second career was in advertising, marketing and promotions. Currently a freelance editor, Marilyn lives with her husband and cat in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in southwest Washington State, where she watches horses and deer and sometimes owls from her home office window.  

Christmas. It’s that time of the year again and Brenda is alone, as usual. Everyone she knows is paired up except her. And now, she has to go to a wedding and pretend to be happy. But, even worse, her ex-boyfriend will be there. It’s been six years since they broke up and she hasn’t seen or heard from him since. How will she handle seeing him again—especially if he has another woman on his arm?

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16 thoughts on “Mae Clair’s Pen Pal: Meet Author Marilyn Conner Miles

  1. So cool about your ‘hardbacks’! And I love your cat already 🙂 It just so happens I’m working on a holiday story right now so I’m definitely buying this book! Christmas is my favorite time of the year anyway and I love reading themed stories 🙂 Thanks for sharing-fun interview!


    • Thank you! I collect Christmas books and stories and save them to read in December. It helps get me in the mood for the holidays…and its a special treat. I appreciate your comment and Mae Clair for having me,:-)


    • Glad you dropped by, Jennifer. I love holiday themed stories too, especially during November and December . . . and Valentine’s Day books in February 🙂
      Glad to know you’re working on one too. Thanks for checking out Marilyn’s interview!


  2. Your cat sounds a good deal like mine. They don’t care if you’re trying to type. I hope Brenda will have an amazing time at the wedding. Something tells me it won’t be the ordeal she’s imagining.


    • She’s a SnowShoe. I didn’t know anything about that breed when we got her at the Humane Society. She clings to me like velcro.
      You’ll have to read Holiday Heart and find out! It’s an ebook for $1.99 or a few dollars more in paperback if you prefer, about 76 pages. Brenda shows up in the sequel, Perfect Pair, coming out soon.
      Thanks so much for your comments, Emma.


      • I just saw an episode of My Cat From Hell with an adorable snowshoe. Prior to that I had never heard of them. I like you description of her clinging to you like Velcro, Marilyn, LOL. And short novellas are such a quick fun read!


      • I wasn’t going to when our last one died, but my husband knew I needed a writing buddy.:-) Novella’s are great as well as anthologies. I think so many of us can’t find time to read a full-length novel. I’ve heard that short stories are making a comeback and I can see why! Mine just seem to be getting longer and longer. Perfect Pair is at least 120 pages. LOL


    • I’m so sorry to hear that Flossie. I hope you will get a new writing buddy one day when you are up to it. Yes, I love it and feel very blessed to be here. We miss our horses but at least the neighbors have horses too and hopefully their new one will be in our pasture this weekend. Thank you so much for writing and your good wishes!


    • Thanks for visiting, Flossie. I was so sorry when you lost Daisy Josette. Pets are just so special. It’s now two years since I lost my beloved cat Onyx. He never failed to camp out with me when I was writing. Thanks for welcoming Marilyn to my blog.


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