Seven Random Facts by Mae Clair

Recently, the lovely Alicia Coleman honored me with the Very Inspiring Blogger award. Alicia and I originally met when we took a Savvy Authors course together, and have remained friends since. She’s hard at work on an upcoming paranormal romance release that I know you’ll love. Thank you, Alicia, for thinking of me!


In accepting, I am required to

  • Link back to the person who nominated me for the award.
  • Display the Very Inspiring Blogger Award logo (isn’t it attractive?)
  • Reveal 7 things about myself
  • Nominate others to receive the award and continue the fun

So here goes:

  1. Fever DreamMy favorite book boyfriend is Aloysius Pendergast. I am in awe of authors Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child for creating such a mesmerizing character. I would love to see some of their books made into a movie (especially Fever Dream which cries out to be filmed) but am afraid no living actor could ever begin to capture Pendergast. The man has no equal (well, maybe Gerald Tarrant, my other book boyfriend). In the meantime, I can dream. 🙂
  1. I grew up in a small town and to this day dislike big cities. Probably why I have never been to—gasp!—New York City.
  1. Rarely does a day past that I don’t speak to, or think of, God.
  1. I detest any type of red meat and am “weird” about most other forms of meat, although I am not a vegetarian.
  1. I would willingly give up chocolate before chips or bread.
  1. I really enjoy talking with senior citizens, especially when they share their life experiences.
  1. DancingI am an introvert who dislikes being the center of attention, but I love to dance.  On a dance floor, I have no problem being an extrovert!

And now to pass along the award. I nominate the following bloggers to carry the torch, should they wish to participate:

Emma Meade
Flossie Benton Rogers
Donna Cummings
Lorraine Paton
Cd Brennan
Gemma Brocato
Daisy Banks


16 thoughts on “Seven Random Facts by Mae Clair

  1. And here I thought I knew everything about you! I think you should give NYC a try — I waited a long time, thinking it would be too much, but it’s got such an amazing energy, and in a lot of ways it feels like a lot of small neighborhoods put together. 🙂 It’s easy to stay anonymous, OR, you could think of it as one giant dance floor. LOL


    • Hey, great idea, with the giant dance floor, LOL! Actually, I think I would like NYC if I could avoid the traffic. Friends tell me the best way to visit is to catch a train there. I know I would love the color and the culture. And THE SHOPPING!!! 😀


  2. It is a very attractive award. 🙂 Well done.
    I’m with you on the chocolate. I need crisps and bread. Nothing better than a crisp sandwich.
    Thanks, Mae. Have a fantastic weekend.


  3. Mae – I’ve never thought of adding anything ‘crisp’ to a sandwich other than a pickle but I’m definitely up for the chance to try. I’ve become hooked on a brand of chips by Kroger’s new brand called ‘Simple Truth Organic.’ They use no artificial flavors or preservatives. If Wall-Mart hasn’t squeezed Kroger or there off-shoot out of your area, the brand is definitely worth a try.
    Congratulations on the award.


    • Hi, Sheri! Great to have you drop by. I’m going to have to look for Simple Truth Organic chips, because I am always up for a new chip. My current favorite is Martin’s Kettle-Cooked, No Salt. We do have Wall-Marts in our area, but I’m not familiar with Kroger. Of course, there is always online ordering too! 🙂


  4. Some very interesting information, Mae. The senior citizens resonates. I’m trying to get my mom to tell me things she remembers from her youth and childhood when the world was a very different place. I enjoyed the interview.


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