Mae Clair’s Pen Pal: Author Pamela Moran with Blind Sight

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My Pen Pal guest today is Pamela Moran who writes an intriguing paranormal series about PSI Sentinels.

I originally “met” Pamela when I won the first book in her series in an online contest and quickly became a fan. Not only are the stories unique and engaging but her covers are fabulous. Look them up, as you’re in for a treat!

In the meantime, please say hello to Pam who has just released BLIND SIGHT, Book two of the PSI SENTINELS: GUARDIANS OF THE PSYCHIC REALM.

I know release time is always crazed, Pam. Thanks for swinging by for a visit. I’d love to hear all the deets about BLIND SIGHT. Can you tell us what the story is about?

Death haunts Gabe Nicholetti’s sleep with visions of dead people. People he doesn’t know, people whose murders he can’t prevent. But there’s always a connection to someone Gabe knows, a connection from Gabe to that someone who cares about the person in Gabe’s vision. He has to find it, and won’t rest until he does.

Justice is all he can offer those he sees in his visions, and one thing Gabe is good at is finding murderers.

Among the other PSI agents, Gabe Nicholetti is known as the Harbinger of Death. Even his boss, isn’t immune to that initial gut tightening reaction when he sees Gabe in his office, sitting and waiting.

Who’s going to die?

Rily Carrigan, small town cop from Eagle’s Crest, Oregon, has no patience with what she calls the woo-woo and she’s not about to bow to fate and let it run right over her, no matter what Gabe Nicholetti believes. She has the murder of a one-time friend to solve and isn’t about to let a PSI agent get in her way.

In spite of trying to keep his distance, something about Rily Carrigan gets to Gabe, makes the vision personal. He’s never been able to save a victim before, but this fight has now become one he needs to win.

Book cover for Blind Sight by Pamela Moran depicting a young attractive man and woman with trees in the backgroundHow did you choose your title?

Gabe Nicholetti has the Sight, but is Blind to who the person is, to how they die and to who kills them. But he always finds out because he won’t rest until he does. In a very real way, the dead people in his visions are his and remain so, even after he’s solved their murder.

Fascinating!  Which character did you enjoy writing the most and why?

Rily Carrigan.

She’s a cop from a family of cops, and that family means everything to her. She’s up front, honest and authentic. She’s not afraid to let you know how she feels and she’s not afraid to show her emotions.

At least on the surface.

It’s not until you get to know her that you realize she isn’t sharing the real depths of herself, that she keeps her true fears contained and shoved into a box marked private, open at own risk.

She’s truly a complex and deep character with a fiery spirit.

How did you choose your setting?

Eagle Crest, Oregon doesn’t exist except in my mind, but is loosely based on the area around Astoria, Oregon. I been through and around there several times and the place managed to wedge itself deep inside my soul. What better place to set a story than one I love and want to visit again and again? Travel with a purpose and a definite reason to go back!

I agree with you! Share one sentence – – yes, only one! – – of dialogue or description you love.

The beautiful blonde stretched out at the edge of some forest floor, her lifeless green eyes staring at him, through him.

If you couldn’t be a writer, what else would you choose to do?

Travel Photographer. The landscape photos in some of the FaceBook teasers I’ve posted are from my photos. The trees in the background of the cover for BLIND SIGHT are from a photo I took near Young’s River outside of Astoria one December a few years back (while researching for STOLEN SPIRIT and BLIND SIGHT).

How wonderful you were able to use that shot. Travel photographer always appealed to me as well (though I’m hardly a good photographer, LOL). The heroine in my June release, ECLIPSE LAKE is a travel/nature photographer for a renowned magazine. I guess I always imagined it an equally adventuresome and glamorous occupation.

And now for a few questions allowing my readers to learn more about you.

What is your dream vacation gifted to you by a fairy godmother?

An RV and several months to explore wherever the whim takes me! I’ve always had a serious case of wanderlust when it comes to travel. Doesn’t matter if it’s close by or far away, I’m always the first to say yes, let’s go – that’s if I’m not the one who came up with the trip in the first place. Have camera, will travel has been my motto for a long time.

Yes, you would definitely make a good travel photographer! 🙂 What is your favorite season?

That transition time between seasons is my favorite. The air is charged with a sense of impending transformation, all my senses are stirred and it’s like a sweet promise of change; when new leaves are just beginning to bud yet Winter hasn’t quite lost its grip; when the days are getting longer and warmer but the nights still have that hint of Spring chilliness; those last days of Summer just as leaves begin to change; those same leaves, fallen from now bare trees, laying scattered across the ground while Autumn attempts to keep the cold at bay.

And the snow. There’s something magical about that first snowfall.

Oh my! I never met anyone else who related to the transitional change between seasons like that. I LOVE THOSE TIMES! I’ve done a number of blog posts in the past relating to what I call “transitional moments” that embrace more than just season change. Switching gears again, who is your favorite musical group or singer?

Although most of BLIND SIGHT is set in Oregon, the story opens with Gabe on his sailboat in the British Virgin Islands. Kenny Chesney, especially his island music, helped set the tone of the story for me. SOUL OF A SAILOR, SPIRIT OF A STORM, FRENCH KISSING LIFE, SOMEWHERE IN THE SUN, SOMETHING SEXY ABOUT THE RAIN … all of these are part of a play list I put together while writing BLIND SIGHT.  I’d put the music on shuffle and let it play low in the background.

Owl or lark?

My husband waved me outside one evening a few years ago, just as dusk was falling. His finger to his lips, he had me look upwards. There, in our massive oak tree, on a curved branch, sat four baby owls, each no more than a few inches tall. They were all watching him with avid curiosity. Three were groomed and settled, looking like well-behaved triplets. One was ruffled and a bit scruffy (he was our favorite). Mama owl, who was only a few inches taller herself, made a few agitated flybys, but must have decided we were no threat and flew off to do whatever mama owls do while her babies perch on tree branches. We haven’t seen the owls posing like that since, although we do still hear them occasionally.

I would have loved to have witnessed that sight. Owls fascinate me. One of my earliest novels (now languishing in a drawer somewhere) involved a magical owl. Mountains or beach?

Home, at nearly 6,000 feet, is the mountain region of Southern California, and there aren’t many places I’d rather live. Oak trees, five different kinds of pine, manzanita, cool air in the summer when it’s over 100 in the valley, a small creek nearby. A different version of paradise that I love.

I’m a beach person, but I’ve been as far north as Lake Tahoe and loved it. I would really like to see Oregon someday. Thanks for sharing those lovely images…and for being by guest today! 🙂 

If you’d like to connect with Pamela Moran you can find her at the following haunts:

Author Pamela Moran in a pensive pose with and to chinAuthor Bio
Whether painting, out on a photo shoot or writing, Pam has always had a bend toward the creative side of life. Her favorite is when she can combine any of those with travel. Places get into her blood and she loves to explore the possibilities, always with characters and a story in mind.

An astrologer for most of her adult life, Pam has been known to see auras and the occasional ghost. Considering she lives in a haunted house in the mountains of Southern California, this keeps life interesting.


Death plagues Gabe Nicholetti’s dreams, but he can’t save the people in his visions. The most he can do is bring their killers to justice. But this time, this victim makes it all personal.

Rily Carrigan is a dead woman, or she will be in a matter of days as her past rushes forward to shatter her carefully constructed world. But Rily doesn’t believe fate is absolute. How is she going to convince the man who’s seen too many die that it’s possible to save her life?

Just outside a small, Oregon town, something malevolent lurks, waiting to seize what was once promised then stolen. Together, Gabe and Rily need to find a way to deny fate and keep Rily alive.

Purchase BLIND SIGHT from:


13 thoughts on “Mae Clair’s Pen Pal: Author Pamela Moran with Blind Sight

  1. Hi Mae, thanks for having me here today! I love owls, too, and a magical fella sounds fascinating – are you going to bring him back in a different story? I’d love to met him (or her?).

    There used to be two large, white owls who liked to hang out in the top of two tall palm trees where I worked. I loved seeing them at night, flying around then perching there. Gave me shivers to see those white wings against the dark sky.



  2. I like books that feature strong women. Rily sounds like a tough cookie.
    I’d love to hear more about Pam’s haunted house and astrology. Fascinating. You know how much I love ghosts and anything supernatural related.


    • Hi Emma!

      The male ghost was already in residence when we moved in the house. I’d catch flashes of red in the corner of my eye, seemed like a red shirt of the sort you’d associate with lumber jacks, so I took to calling him Jack.

      He’s an extremely curious sort of guy. I’d feel him hovering right at my shoulder whenever I’d be at the computer or cooking and I really didn’t like that. Having a living, breathing person hover bugs me, having someone I usually couldn’t see … that really bugged me. One day I asked him to take his ghostly rear end outside and to please stay there. And he did. He took to hovering right there at the front door. Flashes of red and all.

      Over time, I started asking him to take care of the place whenever I left. Just a quick comment, “Jack, keep it safe. I’ll be back soon.” kind of thing. Huge shock when I heard him in my head, as clear as could be, say, “My name’s not Jack. It’s Tom.”

      So now I ask Tom to keep an eye on things. ;o)

      He’s a guardian type of man and he seemed more content and less agitated once 1) I started calling him by his right name and 2) I tasked him with keeping the place safe.

      The female ghost, she’s another story completely ….

      Rily would hate living at my house.As a character, I’ve loved Rily since she showed up in her brother’s story, STOLEN SPIRIT, but putting her through her paces with what she refers to as the ‘woo-woo’ in BLIND SIGHT was so much fun! She’s definitely a tough cookie, but anything paranormal practically gives her hives!

      I think it’s a control issue on her part.


      • Tom sounds like a friendly ghost, though I think I’d still be petrified of living in a haunted home. I take it Rily will have to accept there’s a whole other world out there!


      • I’m with Emma, on this one. As friendly as Tom sounds, I’d be petrified! I enjoy reading and writing ghost stories but wouldn’t want to live one. Amazing story, Pam!


  3. Tom is pretty cool, but I’ve been a few places where the energy’s not so good and the thought of staying any longer than I had to made me shudder!

    Thank you, Mae, for having me here and making it so much fun! Looking forward to ECLIPSE LAKE next month!!



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