Welcome Patricia Kiyono with Searching for Lady Luck

Patricia Kiyono has dropped by my blog today to share her new release, SEARCHING FOR LADY LUCK. She’s also doing a giveaway to celebrate, so be sure to check out the details at the end of this post!

She has me fully intrigued by the time period and setting of her novel. I celebrated my high school graduation in Wildwood, New Jersey, and would have loved to take a stroll down the boardwalk when turning back the clock. 🙂

Book cover Searching for Lady Luck by Patrica KiyonoSEARCHING FOR LADY LUCK
By Patricia Kiyono

Only seven years have passed since Rose Sheffield was a carefree college student, though it seems like a lifetime ago. Her father’s position at a major bank provided her with luxuries she took for granted. Now she works at menial jobs to support herself and her mother, and they live in what used to be their vacation home in Wildwood, New Jersey. Rose’s days are pure drudgery, until she meets Charlie. As luck would have it, she just happens to have the perfect place to display his artwork.

Before the Great Stock market crash of 1929, Charlie Brannigan was hailed as an up and coming artist in Manhattan. But now he’s back at his family home in Wildwood, delivering newspapers in the mornings and selling his paintings on the Boardwalk in the afternoons. He needs some luck in his life, and it seems every time a pretty lady named Rose appears, good things happen.

Searching for Lady Luck can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, and other ebook outlets.

“I didn’t think you’d sell anything out there today,” Connor, younger than Charlie by four years, teased him as they set the table. “I know the Boardwalk has been busier lately, but I figured it was still too chilly for the society ladies to be out strolling.”

“I thought so, too. In fact, I was ready to come home when this lady came and helped me retrieve one of my miniatures that the wind had blown off the crate. I figured I’d have to chase it out onto the beach, so I was glad she caught it for me just before it blew off the Boardwalk. She didn’t buy the painting, but after she set it back, another woman came and bought that very one, as well as the ones on either side of it.”

“Wow, that’s a coincidence,” agreed eighteen-year-old Katie as she entered the dining room. She set a serving bowl of steaming beef stew on the table and went back into the kitchen.

“You must have met your Lady Luck,” said Connor.

“My what?”

“Lady Luck. Remember when Uncle Phineas would go to Atlantic City? He’d talk about the women in the casinos. If one of them happened to be nearby when a gambler hit it big, that woman would be his Lady Luck and he’d keep her by his side the rest of the night.”

“Lady Luck. That’s pretty much how I felt about her. It was as if she put a special spell on those paintings and that’s what made the next person buy them.”

Author, Patricia KiyonoPatricia Kiyono’s wide array of experiences tend to show up in her writing. Trained as a musician, certified as an elementary school teacher, and raised as a lifelong learner, she loves to travel, sew, craft, and play Words With Friends. She and her husband live in southwest Michigan, near their children and grandchildren.

Patricia Kiyono can be found at her website, and on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

Searching for Lady Luck was inspired by a magical vacation to the Wildwood Boardwalk in 2005. Since my kids were old enough to go to the beach on their own, I stayed in the cozy little cottage owned by my sister-in-law’s family and typed out the beginning of what became my first full length novel, The Samurai’s Garden!

To win a $5 Amazon or B&N gift card (your choice), please leave a comment about your favorite vacation destination. I’ll use random.org to choose a random commenter as the winner on Monday morning, May 5, so please include your email address with your answer!

30 thoughts on “Welcome Patricia Kiyono with Searching for Lady Luck

    • It’s great to have you as my guest today. I love beach destinations and I’m intrigued by the time period you chose for your novel. The book sounds positively delightful and is going on my TBR list!


    • Hi Jennifer! Fancy meeting you here! Thanks for visiting. It’s so much fun going places with your family – and it gets even better when they’re older. I love traveling with my daughters now that they’re 26 and 30.


    • Hi, Jennifer. Lovely to have you drop by. Your family vacations sound like fun. I was delighted to meet Patricia and even more to hear the high praise for her books.


  1. This story looks most intriguing! Congratulations and best wishes for mega sales. My favorite vacation destination is Vermont. Since it’s my husband’s home state, when we visited there early in our marriage he had the fun of showing me his old haunts, and I had the pleasure of getting to know him better.


  2. I loved the story and this time in history. I feel like Patricia did a wonderful job capturing what part of the lives of people were like after the crash of the stock market and living in the depression. It is a fantastic story and very well told.


    • I forgot this part: please leave a comment about your favorite vacation destination. Well, for Steve and I we love to go on mini-vacations and go antiquing! Coming home with our new treasures. Also we go visit family since my parents and baby sister/brother-in-law are in NC and our son and his family are in MO.


      • Thanks so much for your kind comments, Kathy. I’m so glad you liked the story! Antiquing sounds like so much fun – but I have so much “stuff” in our house that I’m afraid my hubby would have a fit if I came home with more!


    • HI, Kathy. Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts on Patricia’s book. I’m really intrigued by that era in history and reading your thoughts of the book makes me want to check it out even more!


  3. I just happen to be writing this from a resort in Vermont! 🙂 I am from Newfoundland and am on holidays here.
    Love Patricia Kiyono!! Great interview! One of my favorite vacation destinations is Banff, Alberta. We have a timeshare there and go each year. Next year we have a European trip planned, which will include the island of Malta. I was born there so want my husband to see it! Excited about also going to see cousin in Scotland….it is going to be an awesome trip! 🙂



  4. I ❤ Patricia and her books. She is an amazing author as well as a wonderful person. My favorite vacation destination would be anywhere with my family. We have never had a real family vacation, and my husband and I didn't have a honeymoon so I would just love to be able to do that.


    • Oh my! I hope you can take a trip someday soon with just the two of you! Family vacations can be fun too, even if you just go away for the weekend. Thanks so much for reading my books and for visiting today!


    • Hi, Jessica. I’ve just recently connected with Patricia, and I’m delighted to know her. I’ve heard nothing but good things about her and her books. Thanks for visiting and sharing!


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