From Nut to S’More by Mae Clair

S'moresOnce, I was a nut, but like a squire who has achieved knighthood, I have been elevated to the illustrious rank of s’more 🙂

The truth is, my friend and fellow author Cd Brennan, has started a new feature on her blog called S’mores. For any guest author who has previously been the subject of her Sundae with Nuts (a fun, flirty interview), she is offering us the opportunity to become a gooey, chocolaty treat.

Today is my turn, wherein I share five facts on her blog. Four are true but one is something I dreamed up in hopes of stumping her readers. Can you guess which is the falsehood?

If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time you probably won’t find it too difficult. To test your knowledge, hop over to Cd’s haunt and take a stab.

It’s all in fun and you may even want to become a Nut/S’more yourself. Cd is always looking for victims, er . . . participants 😀

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