Mythical Monday: The Ghost Ship of Loch Awe by Mae Clair

bigstock-Lighthouse-In-Dense-Fog-23759474In the northern waters from Scotland to Iceland, a ghost ship is often glimpsed, riding the sea a day’s journey from the rugged coastline. Known as the Ghost Ship of Loch Awe, she resembles a passenger liner of the early 1900s.  It’s uncertain why she is attributed to Loch Awe, Scotland’s third largest freshwater loch which has never received a vessel larger than a coastal cargo ship.

The phantom boat appears only when the water is calm but swaddled in layers of fog. She materializes from the mist, smoke curling from her chimney stacks, her decks ablaze with lights.  It’s been reported she passes so close to other vessels those onboard can see passengers strolling on her decks.

Most spine-tingling of all, she passes in utter silence, swallowed quickly by the fog. Not a sound is heard in the unnatural hush. From the waves breaking against her hull to the ratchet of noise that should rise from her engines, there is nothing but eerie stillness and calm.

Despite the relative serenity of her passing, calamity follows in her wake. According to legend, within twenty-four hours of the vessel’s appearance, catastrophe will strike. She is the harbinger of a collision at sea, the tragic death of a crew member, or some other dire misfortune.

Oddly, the Ghost Ship of Loch Awe has never been identified as the phantom of an actual vessel. There is no account of any ship to fit her description, no maritime record of a lost vessel that resembles her. She is a whisper of myth, an omen that is perhaps born from the water itself, serving as warning to those who spy her that tragedy awaits.

18 thoughts on “Mythical Monday: The Ghost Ship of Loch Awe by Mae Clair

    • I love ghost ship stories too, Stanalei. There’s something especially eerie about them. I might have to look up Clive Cussler’s book. It’s hard to find a good tale spun around a ghost ship. Thanks for visiting and commenting!


  1. I am always so enthralled by your stories, that I sometimes miss some of the great writing that comes out of it. Like this: She is a whisper of myth, an omen that is perhaps born from the water itself, serving as warning to those who spy her that tragedy awaits. – Just lovely! You can tell you are a talented author!


  2. I got goosebumps reading that people from nearby boats can see passengers on her deck. I always enjoy your Mythical Monday posts – you have a lovely way with words. Love the spooky fog in the picture.
    Hope you have a great week.


    • Thank you, Emma. That’s so nice of you to say 🙂

      I got goosebumps on this one too…the people on the deck and the silence really did it for me. I’d freak if I witness something like that!


  3. I agree with everyone before me Mae – you have a talent to share the most interesting and curious stories. You know the coolest things!


    • That sounds like an awesome plot for a story, Daisy! Actually, the passengers are all attired in the garb of the early 1900s. Maybe those doomed seafarers who glimpse the ship are transported to that era!


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