Guest Blogger, Daisy Banks: Do You Believe in Fairies?

Today I’m pleased to turn my blog over to my friend, Daisy Banks, who has a delightful post about fairies. Not only does she have a fairy-themed release coming from Liquid Silver Books, VALENTINE WISHES, but she just may convince you the fey folk are still flitting about.

She’s also doing a giveaway, so check out the details at the end of the post to see what you can win. In the meantime, grab your beverage of choice, help yourself to the virtual pastry tray, and enjoy the story as Daisy provides a bewitching glimpse into the realm of the wee people.


I do believe in fairies. I do! I do!
by Daisy Banks

Thanks so much for inviting me to the blog today, Mae. It is a pleasure to be here.

Now, it might strike the readers as a little odd a grown woman will say I believe in fairies, but it is true, I do. I grew up in a family who all knew fairies existed, and the little people certainly played a part in my childhood in our family home. I have tried to look up some fairy lore to explain about the fairy habit of ‘borrowing’ items. It seems generally agreed fairies do this, sometimes to the point of great irritation of the mortal owners of the objects they take. Some say fairies will only take things you as a mortal don’t value enough, and other sources say fairies will only take food items. I think I’ll just have to continue to believe if an object vanishes and later reappears it is because some fairy or other had need or desire for it for a time.

During my childhood, and still today, things disappeared in my parents’ house on a regular basis. Not big things like furniture, but small things, pretty things, items fairies might find interesting or useful.  I have a couple of examples of these disappearances I remember well and can share with you. One was a ring of my mother’s, a very dainty item that went missing from its usual storage place in a cranberry glass bowl in a cabinet. My mother hunted high and low but to no avail, until resigned to her loss she announced ‘the fairies have borrowed it’. I’m not sure if when mom spoke those words she influenced the wee folk to return the ring, but eventually they did. The strangest thing was, the ring turned up one day in its usual place in the cranberry glass dish. There is no logical explanation to this at all.

A similar thing happened with one of my dolls, not the doll itself, but one of its shoes vanished. I was quite put out about loss, as I liked the shoes and only had one left for my doll to hop in. My mother consoled me by telling me the fairies had borrowed the shoe and if I was patient, eventually I would get it back. Some time passed, several weeks I believe, until one day my mother went into the front parlour for something, a room we didn’t use every day, and there placed on the arm of a wing backed chair was my doll’s shoe. How the doll’s shoe got into a room I wasn’t allowed to play in, I have no idea, and no explanation springs to mind.  All I can say is I agreed with my mother; the fairies had returned the item to me.

I guess you can understand that with such a background of fairy experiences it’s not surprising I have written a story involving a fairy. My latest story, to be published by Liquid Silver Books on the 10th of February this year is Valentine Wishes. This is a sweet and saucy Valentine story of a fairy who grants a big wish to help her mortals and creates chaos.

Valentine's Wishes-high-resHere is a little snippet from Valentine Wishes:

“There yer are, I knew yer were here. I’ve been waiting for ye all night.”

She spun around at the velvet caress of a voice she remembered so well. “No,” she squeaked.


Not possible.

Her stomach knotted and she wanted to crawl away and hide.

His golden hair glinted in the glow of the colored lights and he smiled wide in greeting. She could hardly keep herself in the air. A wave of heat scorched her face.

“Poppy, ‘tis me, Cedar Heartwood. Yer remember me, don’t ye, darlin’?” He flew a little closer, and she nodded.

Her knees sagged.


I remember you … who couldn’t? You haven’t changed at all.

His eyes still entranced with hazel gleams. She ached to throw her arms around him, and as she steadied herself, she swept her gaze up to his face again. He still had the most enticing lips she’d ever seen.

Oh, by the wind in the leaves. How many hours did I sit among the daisies and wonder what it would be like to kiss him? She shook herself, torn between long held hopes and tonight’s despair. He had to go, at least until later. “I can’t speak with ye now, Cedar. I’m busy.”

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Don’t forget! VALENTINE WISHES will be available on February 10th. What better combination than romance and the Fair Folk in a month devoted to romance? 😀

Comment for a chance to win a copy of Daisy’s ghostly romance, YOUR HEART MY SOUL. One lucky commentator will be selected at random.

26 thoughts on “Guest Blogger, Daisy Banks: Do You Believe in Fairies?

  1. Hello ladies! I meant to stop by yesterday at your individual blogs and didn’t get a moment, and here you are together today! Perfect! Daisy, do you mind if I “borrow” your idea of fairies borrowing our things for my boys? My eldest has special needs and he gets very distraught when he loses something – so I’m going to tell him about the fairies and maybe he’ll let it go instead of turning into a whirlwind of screams and anger. One can only hope! I love the idea, and it also allows that person to take a deep breath and step back – not in resignation exactly, but in hope.


    • Wow, Cd, what a great idea to help your son! And it keeps the doorway open for when the “fairies” return whatever they’ve borrowed. Thanks for popping in. Sending hugs and positive wishes your way (backed by fairy dust) that it all works out!


  2. How great, Daisy. I can’t wait to read this one. I think it’s great your book comes out Feb. 10th so it gives you a few more days of promo – more work! LOL


  3. Great, I’ll know who’s to blame the next time I misplace something around the house. 🙂 That was a lovely guest post, Daisy.
    “A ghostly romance” – what a lovely description.


  4. Daisy, I loved your post and look forward to Valentine Wishes. I’ve added it to my TBR list. Our family says the same when items go missing, and yes, it’s usually little sparkling rings or earrings. They are not in their spot, and then later– sometimes much later– they are in their spot again. Fairies keep life more interesting. I have followed you on all your social media sites. Mae, thanks for hosting!


    • Thanks so much, Flossie. I am so glad you have experienced the same thing. Fairies are a norm to my family, I grew up accepting them so its great to have other people know they are there too. So kind of you to follow me, I’m grateful.


    • Hi, Flossie! So glad to hear you’ve connected with Daisy. She’s fab 🙂

      And how cool that you’ve experienced the influx of fairies as well. From what I understand, they do like sparkly things 🙂 I’ve never had the occasion of glimpsing one but was thoroughly enchanted when I had a mushroom ring sprout in my yard one year. I remained very respectful of the wee folk!


  5. My children would constantly leave their belonging scattered about, even after telling them to pick up, or they might disappear. Don’t you know a ghostie claimed their discarded items. I wish I’d thought of fairies instead. It might have been less wicked of me. But my kids aren’t afraid of ghosts now.


  6. Daisy informed me Emma Meade is the winner of her ghostly romance, YOUR HEART MY SOUL. Thanks to everyone who dropped by to make Daisy’s visit such fun with your comments, and congrats to Emma!


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