Meandering, a Review, and a Bit of the Mythical by Mae Clair

Twelfth Sun Tour BannerFor my Mythical Monday fans, my usual brand of folklore, odd creatures and spookiness will return next week with a new post. Today, I’m celebrating the one week anniversary of the official release of my romantic mystery, TWELFTH SUN.

The reviews have been great so far, which have me completely jazzed. I particularly love this 5-Five Star review on the Tome Tender Blog. The reviewer, Dii, made my day with quotes like these:

“Twelfth Sun by Mae Clair is just one of those books that is pure escape pleasure!”

“Mae Clair has written a delightful romance complete with mystery, intrigue and danger. Did I mention humor?”

You can find the entire review here if you’d like to take a gander 😀

Also today, my new friend, Kourtney Heintz, is hosting me with a short series of Q&A. Want to hear my elevator pitch for TWELFTH SUN, or learn what advice I have for new authors? (Sure you do!). All that and more can be discovered by hopping over to Kourtney Heintz’s Journal and saying hello.

background in "adventure stories" styleAnd finally, because it’s Mythical Monday and I’m in a nautical frame of mind, here are two interesting snippets to tide you over until next week :

Did you know in days past, if a sailor was pulled overboard it was a sign that “the sea will have its own?” Even more disturbing, a man who learned to swim was viewed as tempting fate.

For someone to “watch a ship out of sight” was a sure sign “you will never see her again.”  I find this one interesting because the interpretation it isn’t exactly clear.  Does the ship meet with an untimely end, or the watcher? I guess the obvious certainty is that either way you shouldn’t watch a ship out of sight!

Happy Monday, friends! I hope your week is off to a good start!

20 thoughts on “Meandering, a Review, and a Bit of the Mythical by Mae Clair

  1. The review is one helluva feedback. Must thrill you to the bone. I’m so pleased for you Mae. Congratulations on the release of “Twelfth Sun”. Still with you all the way. 🙂 X Sal


  2. Congrats on the great reviews!!! Can’t wait to read it! I’ve said that a few times already haven’t I? 😉 I must learn to speed read, so I can finish up this series I’m on and get to this book!


    • Isn’t nautical superstition great? My guess on this one would be that in the very early days of sailing, few ships actually ever returned…hence don’t watch a ship sail out of sight as I’m sure most wives and family members were likely to do. The life of a seaman had to be awfully perilous in those days. It’s amazing when you think of the courage involved!


  3. You were a pure delight to host on my blog! 🙂 Looking forward to reading your book–it is on my Kindle and in my queue! 🙂


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