Summer Lovin’ Blog H-0-p and Release Day by Mae Clair

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So what is it about summer you love best?  The extra-long nights, fun-filled vacations, poolside lounging, or something else entirely? Maybe it’s indulging in summery foods like sweet corn, watermelon, soft ice cream or fresh strawberry pie. It could be ditching your shoes in favor of sandals or flip-flops, relaxing with a good beach read or finding the perfect picnic spot. Summer brings fireflies, fragrant white jasmine, sun-ripened berries, and the magical embrace of a poet’s twilight.

I love all of those things, but this summer I can add something new to the list.

August 5th marks the official release of TWELFTH SUN, my romantic mystery pairing an older woman with a younger man. I set the story in early June at a lavish seaside mansion in a small coastal town. Summer is my favorite season and the eastern seaboard of the U.S. is like a second home to me. What better time and place to have my hero and heroine match wits with an oddball assortment of characters as they compete in the treasure hunt for a 19th century marine artifact? Of course, there’s also the issue of their attraction to one another and the ten year age gap between them, but that was part of the fun in writing the story! 🙂

If you enjoy romance and mystery with an older woman and younger man, I hope you’ll give TWELFTH SUN a try.

twelfthsunwidgetTWELFTH SUN BLURB:
The hunky young PhD knows all about seduction, but what does he know about love?

Reagan Cassidy is settled in her life. She has a thriving interior design firm, an upscale condo, two cats, and a goldfish. As a favor to her uncle, she agrees to team up with his marine archeologist friend to validate and retrieve a nineteenth-century journal, reputedly that of a passenger aboard the doomed schooner Twelfth Sun. Finding a hunky twenty-five-year-old coming out of the shower in her hotel room wasn’t part of the deal, but it’s hard to complain…

Dr. Elijah Cross is cocky and he knows it. He enjoys trading barbs with the lovely Reagan. Barbs, and some innuendo. He can tell she’d rather get back home to her business than stick around for the extended treasure hunt they’ve been talked into, but he’s fine with the situation. At least, until the “clues” start getting personal.

Reagan finds Dr. Gorgeous is as skilled in matters of the heart as he is behind the lectern. Throw in a series of clues which mean more to Elijah than he’ll explain, several odd-ball competitors out to win the journal, a saboteur, and a lavish seaside mansion, and Reagan has enough trouble keeping her head straight, let alone her heart.

WARNING: Younger man, older woman, nautical riddles and romance.

Purchase TWELFTH SUN from:
Barnes and Noble 

To celebrate all things summer and my new release, I’ll be awarding a $5.00 gift card to Amazon to one lucky commenter. Just tell me what you love best about summer and be sure to include your email address with your answer. The winner will be announced Friday on my blog.

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58 thoughts on “Summer Lovin’ Blog H-0-p and Release Day by Mae Clair

    • I’m definitely not looking forward to our winter, Joanne! I hope the rest of yours is a mild one. 🙂

      Thanks for dropping in on my hop and the congrats on TWELFTH SUN. It’s kind of cool to have a summer release this time around!


  1. I love summer for all the reasons you listed, and for the sense of freedom — even if I’m not free to spend the whole day outside reading, like when I was a kid. LOL Congrats again on the release of TWELFTH SUN — I’m so excited to read it!


    • Thanks, Donna!

      And I think that even though we get stuck inside during the work day, summer still has that wonderful sense of magic and freedom we loved as kids. At least we’ve got longer nights to enjoy when the work day ends! 😀


  2. I love my summers. With my 2.5 months off from school I get to act silly, play in the yard, and just run with the kids. Not to mention, do all the projects around the house that don’t get done during the 9 months of school. I also get to do lots of catch up reading.

    Congrats on your new release!!
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com


  3. Hi Mae! I love summer for the minimum amount of clothing and outdoor gear that I have to dress my kids in. There is nothing like getting them completely bundled up in the snowsuit for them to have to go potty. Honestly, in the winter it takes us a half hour just to get out the door! All the best with Twelfth Sun! xo


  4. I love when the mountains come out in Seattle. They hide all winter long, and when the sun comes out, so do the Cascades, Olympics, and, of course, Mt. Rainier.

    Congrats on the release, Mae! Can’t wait to read it!


    • That view sounds so stately and majestic. What a fantastic sight that must be. And I think I saw your part of the world was having higher temps than normal. It must be beautiful in Seattle right now.

      Thanks for the congrats, Jessi. I’m pretty jazzed about this release 🙂


  5. bathing suits! summer means lots and lots of bathing suits and this crazy lady is addicted to collecting them. I don’t even swim, just wade in the shallows and decorate the sides of the pool, but for some reason i’m a sucker for a good deal on a swimsuit!

    Happy Release Day!! 😀



  6. Hey there,

    Mae! Glad to see you on the LL&LS blog hop! I’m at the 50% mark in TWELFTH SUN and am chomping at the bit for your love birds to get it together – and I’m no closer to solving the mystery, but look forward to the big reveal!

    Y’all out there in cyberspace should check it out – great summer read 🙂


  7. Sleeping in is my fave – sad – but it comes to an end in 9 days. I may shed tears the closer we get to the first day of school. 🙂 Thank you! heather1974 at gmail dot com


  8. Summer memories– all of them, warm and sunny, bright and loud like fireworks, and laughter all reside somewhere, all wrapped up together in head and heart. Those long days are some of the best of my life. I’m very sentimental right now, and your blog post just really made me realize how much summer means to me, Mae. Thanks!

    Now, I’ve got another great memory to add to the mix– your second book, TWELFTH SUN, being released! I’m so happy for you, friend. And I LOVE this book. What a lovely cover for a summer release. I hope tons of folks are drawn to it, buy it, and love it, like I did. Your writing is amazing, and what a great romantic mystery to take to the beach!


    • Hi, friend! What wonderful summer memories you have, all ones to treasure. Thanks for sharing them and bringing a smile to my heart. And thanks for the congrats on Twelfth Sun. It will be one of my summer memories now 🙂


  9. Thanks for taking part in the hop, Mae, and congrats on your release! Summers in the UK can be pretty miserable but I love it when the sun is shining and the kids aren’t stuck indoors. The sound of kids laughing outside is the best!


  10. Best part about this summer is the release of your new book Mae. Well done to you and I hope you sell lots of “sunny-blue-cloudless” copies. Congratulations !!!!! 🙂


  11. I live in Florida… my fave thing is definitely reading on the beach!
    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com


  12. I think my favorite thing about summer is all the fresh vegetables!!! Even though they tend to mess with my blood thinners (too many vegetable such as dark green, leafy ones thicken blood) I can’t resist them. My doctor always knows that my medication will have to be adjusted in the summer because of this (I have a history of blood clots so have to take blood thinners every day to prevent more).
    manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com


    • I’m so sorry to hear about the problems you’ve had with blood clots, June, but I do agree with you about the fresh vegetables. What a great answer! Veggies are my favorite food group, which I know is kind of odd, but I’ve loved them since I was a kid. My parents never had a problem getting me to eat them. It was meat that was the obstacle, LOL.

      Take care and thanks for commenting!


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