Book Spotlight: Almost Taken by Ana Fawkes

Hi, everyone! I have a new book to share with you today by author, Ana Fawkes.. ALMOST TAKEN is the first book in the series Two Weddings, One Funeral, & One Baby. Please check out the deets below!


From the bestselling author of By His Command comes a romance series that explores life, love, marriage, and death.

2w1f1bTwo Weddings, One Funeral, & One Baby


Jared Crowly was supposed to sell the apartment to the rich, powerful Harry Pitt and his beautiful girlfriend, Becky… not fall in love with Becky.

When Harry shows up to the apartment again, this time with a different woman donning an engagement ring, Jared is thrown into a world of deceit, and Harry threatens to tarnish Jared’s successful career.

Jared battles his emotions on what to do next, which only gets more complicated when he’s invited to be in the wedding party of a close friend whose fiancee has asked Becky to be a bridesmaid. Secrets will be bared and hearts will be broken, but can a new love overcome it all?


Don’t miss the second book in the Two Weddings, One Funeral, & One Baby series, titled Lifetime Proposal!

Jack and Riley really aren’t engaged… or so Jack thinks. When Riley’s competitive family puts her on the spot about the ‘wedding’, she begs Jack to help her. But what starts as a pretend fling soon becomes real. When hands touch, eyes meet, and hearts melt, anything can happen… even making fantasy a reality…


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Something in Harry’s eyes didn’t seem right.  Nor Becky’s.  Jared reminded himself he was there to sell the apartment, not judge people, and not play mental matchmaker.

“So?” Becky asked, her eyes shifting from Harry to Jared.

“So…?” Jared asked and smiled.

He couldn’t help himself then as he started at the deep brown color of Becky’s eyes.  They had a twinkle about them, radiating something.

“So, what?” Harry chimed in, his uneasy voice able to ruin any pleasing moment.

“What comes next?” Becky asked.

Harry laughed.  He slipped his left hand around to Becky’s shoulder and squeezed.  “This is where the men talk.  Take another walk through the place, okay?”

Jared held his smile even though he felt Harry deserved a backhand to the face.  But that was typical Harry, always finding a way to demean people around him, especially women.  But yet women always went for him.  Whether it was the money, the sense of power, or the rough but attractive looks, Harry always had a woman.

Becky nodded and broke away from Harry, moving to the steps.

Jared turned and watched until Becky was out of sight.  When he looked back at Harry, Harry held up a finger.  They listened to the click-clack of Becky’s shoes until they were a distant sound.

“Okay, now we can talk,” Harry said.

“Fair enough.  Any questions…?”

“How’s the market treating you now?” Harry asked.

“The market?  Which one?”

“Ah, always the show off,” Harry waved a finger at Jared.  “See, that used to work in college but it’s not stable or viable now, is it?  You look like you’re still grabbing at a hundred straws, hoping one will be the money making one.”

“I’ve done okay,” Jared said.

“Just okay?”

Harry raised an eyebrow.  Jared knew the routine.  Harry wouldn’t come out and ask it, but his eyes said everything.

How desperate are you to sell this house?

Jared wasn’t exactly desperate…

“This has been on the market for six months,” Harry said.

“Owners moved out two months ago.”

“And you couldn’t move it?”

“Haven’t given it much thought.  The owners called me two weeks ago and said it was time to get aggressive.”

“Sure, sure,” Harry said.  “I get it.  Can we cut the shit, Jared, and figure this out?”

“Make an offer,” Jared said and closed the leather folder.  “You know the market.  You know the house.  You know the drill.  How many houses do you own now?”

“A few,” Harry said.  He turned and walked into the bedroom that Becky wanted to be her painting room.  He looked out the window and sighed.  “There’s not enough room for my cars though.”

“I’m sure you have a place for them already,” Jared said.

“Smart man,” Harry said.  “Tell you what.  Let me take Rebecca home and discuss this with her.  Privately.  Without the pressure” – Harry looked over his shoulder and smiled – “and good charm of yourself.”

“Fair enough,” Jared said, knowing damn well Harry wasn’t going to buy the place.

For a second he considered asking Harry what the hell the point was to even bring Becky here.  It had all been a waste of time.

Jared heard the sound of Becky climbing the steps again.  When he saw Becky he decided it hadn’t been that much of a waste of time.  He couldn’t remember the last time he saw someone as beautiful as Becky.  But when she breezed by him, seeking the comfort of Harry, he then understood what the entire thing had been.

An image.

Harry brought Becky to look at houses each time she thought about the future, hoping to keep her calm and once again, in check.  Just like the talk about planning on getting engaged.

“If you have any questions, give me a call,” Jared said.

“Of course,” Harry replied.

Becky looked at Harry like she had something to say.  Jared would have loved to hear what she had to say, but Harry already started walking.  When he passed him, Jared watched the fake happy couple disappear down the steps but not before Becky looked back and smiled.

Jared memorized the smile, from the way the right side of Becky’s mouth curled a little more than the left, to how she had little dimples, and how her eyes and smile went together in perfect harmony.

He shook his head. Jared was so used to memorizing features… that’s all it was, nothing else.

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