Mythical Monday: A Cellar Dweller by Mae Clair

Wine bottles in an aging processFancy a drink?

For clurichauns, a leprechaun-like cellar spirit, libations are foremost on their mind. These faerie type imps look like a miniature innkeeper, decked out in breeches, stockings and shoes with silver buckles. They’re thought to be a darker cousin of the leprechaun and are generally content to reside in the wine cellar of inns and houses, taking whatever share of food and drink are available. A happy clurichaun will protect both your wine supply and your home. They are solitary creatures, enjoying simple pleasures like singing Irish folksongs or riding on the back of a sheep or dog in the moonlight. (I suppose you have to be a clurichaun to appreciate the latter).

Barrel of wine in winerry.Don’t take this little fella for granted though. If he finds your home or inn lacking he’ll consume all your wine and wreak havoc by breaking bottles and engaging in loud drunken singing.

With that in mind, should you still like to invite a clurichaun into your home, try leaving a bit of wine on the stoop when you go to bed at night. Just be sure you have a hearty supply to satisfy him once he moves in and takes up residence. This is a guy who expects his payment in vino! Treat him well and he will respond in kind. Neglect him or treat him badly and you’ll find yourself with one nasty alcoholic imp.

Some people believe clurichauns are always drunk. Others that the clurichaun is really a leprechaun on a drunken spree who, in the morning when sober, refuses to acknowledge his behavior. AA would likely have a field day with these guys…assuming, of course, they could catch one! 🙂

I enjoy a glass of wine now and again but I don’t think I’d want a clurichaun lurking around in my cellar. How about you?

13 thoughts on “Mythical Monday: A Cellar Dweller by Mae Clair

  1. I don’t think I’d want any otherworldly creature running amuck in my cellar. Dark basements used to really freak me out when I was a kid… especially at night. I’m not sure that’s changed much either…


    • Debbie, dark basements still freak me out too. We had a big one where I lived as a kid with several rambling rooms. Very old and eerie. It was probably filled with clurichauns, LOL.


      • He’s probably hidden away over there tucked among your cobbled streets or beautiful green countryside. If you come across him, just boot him over here and tell him I’ll give him a spot on my blog! 😀


  2. They’d better not lay a finger on my vino. Repercussions will be swift and deadly for anyone touching my wine…just sayin’. Little mischief makers…they need to go hang out by their cousins, the leprechauns, and toss their gold around…see how that works for them. 😉


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