History, Honor and the Spirit of the Revolution with Debbie Peterson

colonial militiamanIt’s Tuesday and it’s June. These are definite facts. It’s also a fact you’ve seen SPIRIT OF THE REVOLUTION on my blog before, but my friend Debbie Peterson is now enjoying the “official release” of her paranormal romance and I couldn’t let that pass without a tip of the hat for story well told.

Because I’ve shared about the book before, I thought I’d share a bit about Debbie today (although you know the book is ultimately going to make an appearance, right?).

I hooked up with Debbie after reading her earlier release, SPIRIT OF THE REBELLION. That book featured the ghost of a Civil War captain falling in love with a modern day woman. Hello?!?! Civil War hero? Seriously, need I say more?

I was smitten. With the characters, the story, with Debbie.

After getting wrapped up in the star-crossed romance of Tristan Jordhal and Shae Lynn Montgomery, I shot her an email, told her how much I liked her book and invited her to appear on my blog. We’ve pretty much shadowed each other online since then, being supportive of each other’s releases.

Which brings me back to SPIRIT OF THE REVOLULTION. Debbie is currently doing an excerpt tour with a giveaway. You can find all the details and her latest round of tour stops on her blog — Debbie Peterson, Author of Paranormal Romance.

And while we’re speaking of Debbie’s blog, I hope you’ll pop over and give it a good look-see. Debbie researches and shares some of the most goose-bump inspiring paranormal stories I’ve encountered. Haunted battlefields, wandering ghosts, spooky mansions, mythical ships – she’s always digging up some obscure eye-witness account of the strange and the bizarre.

When it comes to her novels, she creates engaging characters with a strong sense of right and wrong. One of the reasons I fell head-over-heels for Mathias McGregor (the hero of SPIRIT OF THE REVOLUTION) was due to his sense of honor. I love a strong honorable hero and Debbie certainly knows how to create them! Take a look at SPIRIT OF THE REVOLUTION:

Only divine intervention could have guided Jolena Leigh Michaelsson to the doorstep of a ramshackle manor in Pennsylvania, bringing her face-to-face with the man she has waited her whole life to find. There is just one problem. Mathias McGregor died two centuries ago…

Mathias, Revolutionary War ranger and spy, battles his conscience and his heart when he finds himself falling for the beautiful violinist invading his home. Jolena is mortal and deserves far more than what he as a spirit can offer her.

When Jolena’s family motto leads them to unearth a valuable coded message—the very message Mathias died trying to deliver to General Washington—Jolena vows to unravel the mystery surrounding the cryptic document. But someone else wants the message, and he’ll stop at nothing to get it, not even murder.

Divine intervention brought them together—will it also allow them to find forever?

Debbie Peterson has a gift for telling a tale of impossible romance. Part of the delight in her books is sharing the journey and wondering how she’s going to bring about an ending that leaves the reader with a contented sigh. If you’ve read her previous book, SPIRIT OF THE REBELLION, you know she enjoys pairing a hero from the past with a heroine in the present.

In the case of SPIRIT OF THE REVOLUTION, we get Mathias McGregor, leader of a band of Pennsylvania Rangers/spies who support the Patriot cause and are called upon to deliver intelligence to George Washington. Unfortunately, before they can fulfill their assignment, they meet an untimely end at the hands of the Redcoats. Fast forward to the twenty-first century where Jolena Michaelsson, a renowned violinist, has bought the house where Mathias and his rangers linger in ghostly form.

It isn’t’ long before Mathias and `the boys’ introduce themselves. What follows is a mix of romance, mystery, genealogy, history and adventure.

Like Jolena, I fell in love with the boys immediately, especially Mathias and his closest friend, Sam. There’s a particular scene near the end that had me reaching for Kleenex and pleading right along with Jolena. It was late, but I couldn’t put the book down until I finished it and reached that impossible how-did-she-pull-it-off satisfying ending.

I highly recommend SPIRIT OF THE REVOLUTION for anyone who enjoys an engaging read offering a unique blend of romance and history with characters who will steal your heart!

The Wild Rose Press 

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17 thoughts on “History, Honor and the Spirit of the Revolution with Debbie Peterson

  1. This sounds like a wonderful story (I love your reviews, Mae, and I have WAY too many books on my TBR pile as a result! LOL) I will definitely have to check out Debbie’s blog too. 🙂


  2. This is on my list. I loved the cover the moment I saw it the last time on your blog.
    Characters who can steal your heart are the best. It’s always sad to say goodbye to them.


    • Hey Jessi! I’m so glad that both you and Emma liked the cover. I have to admit I was a tad disappointed when I saw it. The man gazing out past the cover doesn’t look a thing like the Mathias McGregor I envisioned or wrote about.

      In the first place, Mathias is a mountain man ranger and far better looking…. and Jolena? Not even close. Still, it makes me feel better about the whole thing when someone tells me they like what they see…

      What do you think, Mae? Do you think the cover captured the spirit of the story?


      • I have to admit, the guy on the cover is not at all how I envisioned Mathias, based on your marvelous descriptions. I could probably see a closer resemblance for Jolena, but that’s a stretch too. Cover models are always such a hard match (probably why so many ebook covers these days don’t show us faces (which I miss terribly). When reading, I always had the Mathias you described in my head, not the guy on the cover.


  3. How about a Christmas long..I envision Mathias to look like the dark haired Chris Hemsworth and Jo as A blue eyed Gemma Arterton..I would love to see this book as a movie. ..Oh ya.


    • Hi, Sheri. Thanks for dropping by and checking out my review of Debbie’s book. I’ve read very little on WWII (something I need to correct given my father was a WWII vet), but I enjoy history in general. Especially the Civil War era, but I’m sure you already know that, LOL.


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