Roaming the Blogosphere, by Mae Clair

I have the pleasure of being featured today on the blog of Janet Lane Walters, The Eclectic Writer, for her informative How She Does It spot, which she runs every Friday. I was flattered to be asked and am pleased to announce Janet will be visiting From the Pen of Mae Clair on the 25th of June to share her thoughts on being an eclectic writer. That’s a post I’m very interested in, given my love of multiple genres.

In the meantime…hmm, how do I do it? Sometimes I find myself scratching my head over that, but if you’d like to get the lowdown on my formula for writing (er, if you can call it that), please check out my guest appearance on Janet’s Blog. Tomorrow, she’ll be featuring an excerpt from WEATHERING ROCK.

Happy Friday, Everyone!

2 thoughts on “Roaming the Blogosphere, by Mae Clair

  1. Hi Mae again! Loved hearing about how your write. I write a draft and let it sit for a while before going back for editing and revising. I love that your books are character driven. To me it makes for the best books. I look forward to your next release in August. Mary


    • Hi, Mary. I love character driven books as well. They’re the best. It’s so nice to hear TWELFTH SUN will be on your TBR list 🙂

      I let my manuscripts sit for awhile too before going back to clean them up. It always helps to look at them with fresh eyes, doesn’t it?


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