Happy Twelfth and Voting, by Mae Clair

bigstock-Number-Twelve-1092002Yes, I know it’s not the twelfth of March, the twelfth month of the year, or even the Twelfth of Never, but it’s still a happy twelfth!

Today, my friend Jessi Gage is showcasing the cover for my upcoming contemporary romance TWELFTH SUN on her blog. I get goosebumps whenever it gets splashed around!

If you’d like another gander, swing by and take a peek at Jessi’s blog.

I also had some exciting news earlier in the month. The book trailer I created for WEATHERING ROCK has been entered in the Best Video contest for March over at You Gotta Read Reviews. The winner gets some nice free advertising.

This was my first video trailer and I realize I’m up against some professionally done stuff, but it would be nice to at least make a decent showing . I’d love if you’d consider voting for me. All you have to do is hop over to You Gotta Read Reviews, click the VIDEO CONTEST TAB, then select #6 for WEATHERING ROCK in their poll and click the submit vote button. Easy, peasy! Voting closes on March 27th. If you’d like to see the trailer you can check it out here, on my WEATHERING ROCK page.

Thanks! Happy Friday, Happy Twelfth, and Happy Voting everyone! 🙂

16 thoughts on “Happy Twelfth and Voting, by Mae Clair

  1. Hey there, Mae. I just went and had a look at your cover on Jessi’s site. It looks really good. Great composition. Did you design and create it yourself? Reason I ask, is because there are a few tiny tweaks that would really help it pop, and I’m more than happy to talk to you about it – if you’re interested that is.


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