It’s Here! Cover Reveal: Twelfth Sun by Mae Clair

It’s Thursday, still dreary and bleak in my neck of the woods, but it feels like Christmas and spring rolled into one! A lot of things have come together in the last few days that I’m anxious to share!

First, I leaned my video trailer for WEATHERING ROCK has been entered into the monthly contest at You Gotta Read Reviews. I’m #6, and the vid went up yesterday. Voting will occur between March 21 and March 26. This was my first attempt at a video trailer and I’m up against some stiff competition with sleek designs, so I’m not expecting miracles but it’s nice to be included. And don’t worry—when it’s time to vote, I’ll provide a shout out reminder to anyone who would like to vote for WEATHERING ROCK. 🙂

Now, about the title of my blog post. 😀 Tuesday night, after a fun evening out with ‘the girls’ I came home to find the cover art for TWELFTH SUN waiting in my inbox. Talk about a great cap to a wonderful night! If you haven’t already heard me screaming about it, TWELFTH SUN is my new contemporary romance/mystery set to release in August.

I’m in love with the cover! The very talented Renee Rocco, publisher of Lyrical Press, Inc. did the design for me. It features my hunky young PhD, sunset colors, and the beautiful feel of a beach coastline. Check it out:


Nice, huh?  And not only did the cover arrive, but so did my tag and blurb. I was pleased the publisher chose to use a lot of what I had suggested for the blurb, but it’s been fluffed and enhanced:

The hunky young PhD knows all about seduction, but what does he know about love?

Reagan Cassidy is settled in her life. She has a thriving interior design firm, an upscale condo, two cats, and a goldfish. As a favor to her uncle, she agrees to team up with his marine archeologist friend to validate and retrieve a nineteenth-century journal, reputedly that of a passenger aboard the doomed schooner Twelfth Sun. Finding a hunky twenty-five-year-old coming out of the shower in her hotel room wasn’t part of the deal, but it’s hard to complain…

Dr. Elijah Cross is cocky and he knows it. He enjoys trading barbs with the lovely Reagan. Barbs, and some innuendo. He can tell she’d rather get back home to her business than stick around for the extended treasure hunt they’ve been talked into, but he’s fine with the situation. At least, until the “clues” start getting personal.

Reagan finds Dr. Gorgeous is as skilled in matters of the heart as he is behind the lectern. Throw in a series of clues which mean more to Elijah than he’ll explain, several odd-ball competitors out to win the journal, a saboteur, and a lavish seaside mansion, and Reagan has enough trouble keeping her head straight, let alone her heart.

WARNING: Younger man, older woman, nautical riddles and romance.

Now all I have to do is wait for August to roll around! Having the cover and blurb has ratcheted up my excitement level.

Is it August yet? LOL!

I really love these characters and hope you will too. Yes, I know writers say that about all their books, but this one was a lot of fun to write!

Thanks for sharing my cover reveal with me 😀

50 thoughts on “It’s Here! Cover Reveal: Twelfth Sun by Mae Clair

  1. Love, love, love it Mae!! But August… You’re gonna make me wait till August???!! Shame on you! lol
    I can’t wait to read it. It sounds like a fun adventure for sure!


  2. That’s stunning Mae. The cover exudes warmth. Younger man, older woman – we need more of these stories.
    You should sip a glass of wine this evening to celebrate!


    • LOL! You always make me grin, Sue. 🙂 Thanks for the congrats and the compliments. And yeah, I actually squeezed in a girls’ night out. I was loooong overdue! 😀


    • Thanks on all those counts, Laura. I’m really jazzed by the wonderful work Renee did. I love the sunset colors and, of course, his hair 🙂 It had to be long coming from something I wrote. Surprisingly, I do have a ms on back burner with a hero with short dark hair, LOL!


    • Wow, I like the sound of that, M.Q. A beach read that includes a beach setting 🙂 Thanks so much for checking out my cover and commenting. It’s been a wonderful day!


  3. Well I see this be-u-tiful kickass cover has already generated lots of love and buzz for the release of Twelfth Sun. And i know folks will not be disappointed when they snatch it up right away in August, as we all know you’re a great talent, Mae– and will deliver just a powerful of a story to your readers.
    Congrats for your cover artist knocking it outta the park for ya–but also on this extremely well-crafted synopsis! It rocks! We all have to write them, and we all know how difficult it is, and we all know how many we read that seem not hit the mark or don’t quite pull us in. This one is perfectly lean & punchy(spirited) and, well– I’m so jealous!!! Honestly! 🙂 I’ve got two to pull together this year, and my hands are already starting to sweat over the challenge of making them as wonderful as this one you’ve done for Twelfth Sun. Good for you, Mae!

    Congrats also on your trailer for WR getting entered into that contest, I’ll keep a look out for you heads up that we can vote and support you, my friend.

    You’re right, this has to feel like Christmas for you. Merry… um, Great Day!!


    • Well, hello there, my friend! 🙂 So happy to see you here that I can share my cover with you. I always appreciate your kind words and support! Lyrical fluffed up my blurb, but I love that they used a good deal of what I sent them. This one went a lot smoother for me. Hmm, maybe second time around is a charm, LOL. Thanks for sharing my special day with me! 😀


    • I’m sure yours will be gorgeous too, Sara. We’re so fortnuate with the beautiful covers Lyrical provides us. When you have your cover, I’d be happy to host a cover reveal for you any time. Just give me a yell! 🙂


    • I don’t care if you’re late, Sheri. It wouldn’t be a party without you, my friend! Thanks so much for your lovely words, support, and sharing in my special moment! 🙂


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