Mae Clair, Author: Happy Anniversary to Me

It’s Monday.

That means I should be focused on a mythical creature, superstition, or long ago legend, but today is also the one year anniversary of my entry into the blogging world. I couldn’t let that pass without some hoopla and fanfare. So I’m throwing confetti and popping the cork on a bottle of virtual champagne.

Woot! *punching the air*

tasty birthday cupcake with candle, on blue backgroundThere was a time, not that long ago, when “blog” was a foreign word to me. When I finally understood the concept and rolled out my first post, Fangs and Howls, it was like stepping onto a tight-rope without a safety net. Saying I’m terrified—seriously terrified—of heights might give you an idea of how that felt. I was relieved when I landed on blog terra firma and realized I’d survived unscathed.

Major accomplishment.

My blog abode looked considerably different in those days. From the background to the header and sidebar, it’s undergone several decorating changes. I still have a few minor tweaks planned, but for the most part, I’ve settled in and made myself comfortable.

It’s been a fun year with numerous visitors dropping by, and even the occasional ‘house guest,’ who hangs out for the day with a post of their own. So, although this is a celebration of my blogging anniversary, it’s also a celebration for my many wonderful friends and readers who’ve welcomed me to the neighborhood.

Thanks, guys. Consider yourself showered with buckets of confetti. Have a virtual cupcake and a glass of champagne on me. 🙂

24 thoughts on “Mae Clair, Author: Happy Anniversary to Me

  1. *Holding up a glass* Happy Anniversary Mae! Thanks to your friendship, fun, enlightening post, and for making me add way too many books to my TBR pile! Love ya ♥


    • Thanks, Loni. That’s all right back’atcha! This past year has been a blast, especially making great new friends like you. And I’m thrilled to have contributed to your overflowing TBR pile, LOL. 😀


    • Thanks, Alicia. It’s hard to believe a whole year has rolled by already. Now if Spring would just get here as quickly and usher out this crappy cold weather in my neck of the woods. Brr!


  2. Mae, you were born to blog! You’re awesome at it. I’ve learned so much from your Monday posts, and I’ve gotten to “know” some lovely fellow writers from the interviews and guest posts you do. This is a great place to hang out!


    • Awww! *blush, blush* You’re wonderful, Donna. I do love to blog (and you know I get a huge kick out of the Mythical Monday stuff). I’m glad I’ve created a place where others can come, make new friends, and share in the fun. Thanks so much for your lovely comments and for being such a blogging buddy! 🙂


  3. Oh my goodness. It’s my one-year blogging anniversary, too. The 18th of February 2012 was the date of my first blog post titled “Dreams Fulfilled.” I knew we were close Mae, but that’s amazing. We share so many of the same firsts it’s no wonder we connected the way we did.

    Happy anniversary to you (and me.) 🙂 May our second year be even more wonderful with many more friends made.


  4. Darn, m’late as usual & all the virtual cupcakes are gone! Bet they were yummy! Well, my friend, I couldn’t let this day end without acknowledging, and celebrating your blog anniversary (even if all the confetti’s been swept up and thrown away.) Watching you tweak, finesse, this place into such a kickbutt blog has been a sight to behold. I love the fact that you’ve connected to so many people in the same wonderful way that we found and connected. Your great spirit, energy and writing charm, and story telling does it every time, and will continue to draw more folks to this great blog — that you made! You definitely should feel proud and should be celebrating– doing that shakey- butt Snoopy dance, we so love to break out into on special occasions. Next year, I’ll make sure I’md around early enough to snag one of those delicious cupcakes! I’m so happy for you, Mae! ❤


    • Hi, Venice! The celebration couldn’t be complete until you popped in. Thanks so much for sharing my special day with me. As I recall, you’re the one who motivated me to launch down the writing walkway to begin with so, in a way, this blog wouldn’t have happened without your prompting.

      Thanks for all your support. Not just last year but all the years before that too. Yep, it’s definitely a shakey-butt Snoopy dance kind of day! Thanks for all those wonderful words and for being a great friend. *hugs*


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