Mae Clair: Featuring HOME by Calisa Rhose

Today is a special day as I turn my blog over to Lyrical Press sister and friend, Calisa Rhose. How is it special? 😀 Read on to find out!


Hi Mae! I’m thrilled to be back on your lovely blog. Thanks for inviting me to share my Wild Rose Press novella with your readers.

Home, for those who don’t know, is part of a series about a strange scrimshaw doll created by  pirate and cursed by a gypsy a long time ago. In my story the doll returns to an ancestor of that gypsy. My heroine, Poppy Tippen is in love with the local hero who finds himself at the top of his home’s poopy list. Why? Because Sam Callahan lived to return from Vietnam when so many others didn’t. It wouldn’t have been so bad, except he’s a doctor and a huge weight was put on him upon his return. Poppy comes to his rescue in a way he never expected anyone, let alone her, to.

I’d love to share the blurb and an excerpt with you now.


What could a gypsy and a Vietnam veteran have in common?

Silvertown’s outcast, Poppy Tippen, has loved football hero Sam “The Force” Callahan forever. But he never seemed to know she was alive. Now he’s home from the war and she suddenly finds herself comforting him from the demons of “that damn war.” Is his attention merely an escape from the haunting nightmares? Or does she hold the interest of the only man she’s ever truly loved?

Sam Callahan’s only solace from the war nightmares wrecking his life comes in the unlikely form of a gypsy girl with stigmas of her own. He’s known Poppy his entire life, but there’s something different about her now. Something special he desperately wants to hold on to. Can he convince her she’s the only thing he needs to put the past behind him?

“I’ll always want you, Poppy.”

Her head shook in automatic denial. “You’ll want a girl who fits your life. Not some gypsy with no family lineage to brag about. Your momma won’t accept that, either. She’ll make you choose someone like Connie, someone who fits into your world. Not the girl everyone avoids and whispers about behind her back. You’re gonna be the town’s doctor. You need an uppity wife who will make you proud.”

When Sam laughed, his chest shuddered against her back. Deep, husky, real. He turned her in his arms and looked down at her, smiling. “Poppy, do you honestly think I give a damn what people think? Look at me! I’m the town outcast, the survivor who should have died saving the others, not be here planning a future that includes a wife, a medical practice. “I shimmy under park benches, run from my mother’s lipstick, for God’s sake. I wake up screaming and crying over nothing in the middle of the night, crawl under my bed and hide, shaking, until morning. Hell, I can’t even be a doctor because I haven’t finished school yet.”

“I didn’t know. It must be awful for you.” No matter how it hurt Poppy to know he used her, it felt much worse to know how he hurt alone. “The only time it isn’t awful is when I’m with you. When I think of you.”

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The Wild Rose Press 

Small-town country girl Calisa Rhose has been writing since she was a teen in Oklahoma.

It wasn’t until 2005, while living in California, that she realized if “they” can do it there’s no reason why she couldn’t write and get published, too. That realization began her journey into the world of publishing. After a cross-country move with her husband and their three grown daughters (plus families) back to her home state, Calisa dove into her writing. She joined RWA and the local chapter OKRWA. Since that day she has been more determined than ever to see her name in lights. She intends to nurture others and continue to grow as an author.

She’d love to hear from her readers at and you can visit Calisa at Find out about her books on the Bookshelf page.

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Guess what? Today is the one year release day anniversary of Home, as well as my birthday, so The Wild Rose Press and I are offering Home FREE, from today through Sunday, Dec. 30th to celebrate!

You can get your copy here and all I ask is that if you read it, share a review on Amazon, B&N, Goodreads, or The Wild Rose Press–or on all if you feel so inspired!

It’s been fun sharing my first book with everyone. Thanks for visiting and I love comments!

Thanks for having me, Mae. You’re the best!

14 thoughts on “Mae Clair: Featuring HOME by Calisa Rhose

    • Always pleased to have you here, Calisa. Happy Birthday! I hope you and Sonny (did I get the name right?) are having fun with the snow. All we’ve got left are patches of the white stuff. You need to share those pics on your blog. I have horse envy!


  1. Animals love snow as much as kids. Got to hop on your Facebook page and check. Happy Birthday, girl, and also a toast to you success with HOME. Can’t believe it’s been a year! Have a fun day, and Mae, thanks for spotlighting Calisa. I’m one of the authors she’s mentored either by beta reading, critique, or just letting me spout when I want to quit. She’s as awesome as her writing!


    • So happy to have you drop by. I always enjoy when Calisa is on my blog. Pleased to meet you, and I completely agree about Calisa’s writing. I loved HOME and am looking forward to RISK FACTORS!


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