Cover Reveal: Risk Factors by Calisa Rhose

Author: Calisa Rhose
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Release Date: March 4, 2013

Risk Factors300dpi

Love, like life, is not without risk.

Veterinarian Vivian Dane has purchased her uncle’s practice in the tiny town of Wales, Missouri, where most residents still doubt her ability to treat their pets. But Viv is used to being considered less-worthy than her predecessors. After all, her parents are world-renowned wildlife vets, and most everyone is unimpressed she’s chosen to not follow directly in their footsteps. Now Connor, a patient’s owner, and is hot for Viv, but clearly doesn’t think she’s dating material because he has a daughter…who he believes no woman is good enough for.

Being a perfect dad is EMT paramedic Connor’s life focus. He can’t seem to stay away from sexy Doctor Viv, but attraction is as far as he’ll ever let it go. His mother abandoned him, leaving him to be raised in the foster system, and then his wife abandoned both him and their daughter. He absolutely will not risk bringing another woman into his little girl’s life and having her feel the hurt of being left…again.

Forfeiting is easier than attempting and failing. So why does Viv feel compelled to prove she’s a sure bet for Connor and his daughter? Can Connor trust Viv–and himself–enough to play the possibilities?

CONTENT WARNING: Happy-ever-after mixed with four-legged friends.

Viv’s smile and throaty laughter burrowed deeper by the second, mutating into hot want that seemed to draw him to her at every opportunity. But her invitation shook him back to level ground. Dinner. With her. Vivian Dane, the woman who seemed to freely access his dreams lately, was asking him out.

Her voice fell to a low smoky grade that slid like satin over him, tightening around his chest, making it hard to breathe.

He wanted to kiss her.


There was something about her in the lab coat he couldn’t put his finger on. She appeared so fragile and delicate in pink that matched her lips…china doll perfect. Kissable.

He opened his mouth to refuse. He couldn’t afford to get close to anyone, wouldn’t risk Janna. He knew his daughter already liked the vet, had said so. If he got involved and it all nose-dived south, he couldn’t stand to have Janna hurt. Even if she didn’t know it, Viv was their veterinarian now and he’d have to see her, Jelly Bean would notice the tension–


“I’d like that.”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAuthor Bio:Small-town country girl Calisa Rhose has been writing since she was a teen in Oklahoma.

It wasn’t until 2005, while living in California, that she realized if “they” can do it there’s no reason why she couldn’t write and get published, too. That realization began her journey into the world of publishing. With a fun attraction to those rugged heroes in cowboy hats, she began writing contemporary cowboys first. Then Calisa discovered how romantic firemen and first responders are, and how truly dedicated they are to saving lives, helping people. She was ‘bought and paid for’ as she dug into research on Risk Factors. Stay tuned for cowboys and firemen in this writer’s future, and in yours!

She’d love to hear from her readers at and you can visit Calisa’s website at  Find out about her books on the Bookshelf page.

Twitter @Calisa_Rhose

56 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: Risk Factors by Calisa Rhose

      • I AM SOOOO SORRY! I went to work with hubby yesterday and just got here. I missed my own party- but I was also late to my own birthdate (due 12/25- born the 28th) and my momma used to say I’ll be late to my own funeral. I keep trying to prove her prediction wrong, but so far I’m not doing a good job. 😆

        Thank you for showcasing Risk Factors, Mae. You are such a generous and lovely hostess (and carried me all day yesterday which makes you fantabulous!) I’m excited you’re excited to read RF. 🙂


  1. I love the cover for Risk Factor, Calisa:):) What’s that saying…a picture is worth…well, whatever word count you brought it in at, sugah! Great excerpt too:) We’ll celebrate on the verandah tonight…;) Hugs to you, Lo


  2. Love, love, love that cover. And I’ve read Calisa’s work before, so I’m sure the story is every bit as fabulous. In this case, go ahead and judge the book by it’s cover. You won’t be disappointed.


    • Thanks Tina! I miss sitting back with a beer with you. COme on over tonight. Divas unite! And of course, anyone else who wants to share a lovely evening back on the ranch is welcome. BYOB (blanket) as it’s getting quite chilly here in Oklahoma finally. 🙂 The more the merrier!!!


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