Mae Clair’s Wizards with Words: Jodie Pierce

Today, on Wizards with Words, I’m welcoming Jodie Pierce who has a series of hot paranormal romance novels spun around those sensually mysterious creatures of the night, vampires. So grab a cuppa and settle back as Jodie shares a bit about herself and her writing.

It’s great to have you here today, Jodie. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what initially attracted you to writing?

JODIE: I am 37 and live with my hubby in Cleveland, Ohio. I have had a fascination with vampires since I was a child but didn’t start writing about them until I read an Anne Rice book. I was an exchange student in Brazil so you will find some of that in my stories. I enjoy research. So many places, foods, clothes, etc are true in my stories. I currently have eight books published.

That’s quite an accomplishment. And how fascinating that you were an exchange student in Brazil. It’s clear you write paranormal. Is that also the genre you prefer to read?

JODIE: Absolutely.

I sort of figured that, LOL. Tell us about your latest book, THE DEMISE OF THE VAMPIRE QUEEN.

JODIE: The Vampire Queen is once again ruling her subjects only this time it is a school for the ‘different’ children in Scotland. A school full of vampires, witches, warlocks, elves and fairies, one that is feared and hated by all who attend. A new group of witches and warlocks show up and cause all kinds of havoc within the school. Vampires and witches are at odds, and only a few can see the survival of the school. An ancient lover and the Queen are reunited but at what costs? A new, as well as an old lover unite to attempt to take the Queen off her throne. Will it work? Will the Queen maintain her horrendous rule over the students? Can the spells woven work and change history? All will be told in the end.

It sounds like you’ve woven multiple plot threads into the story.  What originally sparked your passion for books and the art of a good story? 

JODIE: My parents always read. Mom was a Librarian and Dad read at least a book a day so I started reading while being grounded and loved it.

Cool! My parents were instrumental in developing my love of reading too. Was there any specific book that changed or affected your life in a monumental way?  

JODIE: I can’t remember the exact book but it was an Anne Rice book.

I remember reading INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE when it was I hardback. There was nothing else like it at the time and EVERYONE was reading it!  What was the seed of inspiration for your latest book?

JODIE:  I already had books 1 and 2, and decided I wanted to be able to say I had a trilogy. I decided to close up some things from the first two books, and the idea for the book came to me in a dream.

Interesting. I’ve had a few stories present themselves that way. What challenges have you faced in your writing career? 

JODIE:  Getting published was a huge challenge but I stuck it out and it paid off.

That’s always the biggest hurdle. I’m glad you’re finding success. What has been your best moment as a writer? 

JODIE: The day I got that email that said they wanted to publish my first story.

I so remember that thrill and can relate! Let’s talk a bit about you. Who is your author idol? 

JODIE: Anne Rice!

LOL! Okay, I should have expected that. 😀  Do you see yourself in any of your characters?

JODIE: No but I write other people around me into my characters.

What is your personal cure for procrastination?

JODIE: I don’t procrastinate. I write when the mood hits me or I get a great idea which is usually often.

Have you ever had a day when you just wanted to quit?

JODIE: Nope. I’m not a quitter.

Which explains how you toughed out the publication hurdle. What does your workspace look like?

JODIE: I work, sitting on my recliner with my computer on my lap. My table next to my chair is loaded with papers, notes and Luna bar wrappers.

LOL! I lived on Luna bars for lunches one summer. What do you consider the most important attributes to remaining sane as a writer (other than Luna bars, of course!).

JODIE: Persistence but most writers/artists aren’t sane.

Something I’ve been telling people for years. 😉 It always takes another writer to understand the lunacy. Writing aside, what else do you enjoy doing?

JODIE:  Watching TV with my hubby, getting coffee or a bite to eat out, and spending time with my parents.

They all sound enjoyable. What is one of the things you like best about where you live – – Cleveland, Ohio?

JODIE:  It has the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

I want to get there someday. I actually have relatives in Ohio I’ve never met. Now a change of pace question:  What was the greatest thing you learned at school? 

JODIE: I before E except after C.

Very cute! Did you have a moment when you realized you were meant to be a writer?

JODIE:I just always knew since middle school. I loved to write even then.

It’s true of so many writers that the passion was there from childhood, me included. What advice would you give to aspiring authors?

JODIE: Keep trying. Go for your dreams. You only fail if you give up.

How about your next project? What do you have in store after this book?

JODIE: I already have a story I’m working on, temporarily called The Forsaken One about the last vampire hybrid on the Earth.

Something else for paranormal fans to look forward to! Thanks for being my guest today, Jodie. I wish you continued success with your books and many sales for THE DEMISE OF THE VAMPIRE QUEEN.

Author Bio:
Jodie Pierce is thirty-seven years old and lives with her hubby, John in Cleveland, Ohio along with four beautiful step-children. She has had a fascination with vampires since they were introduced to her as a child and has had a long history with them. It wasn’t until she started reading the Anne Rice vampire books that she was truly inspired. She was an exchange student in Brazil in high school so you can find some of her experiences from there in her stories. Many of her stories have historical or researched facts as she also enjoys research and learning about new places. She has published five short novels (Eternal Press), a short story in “Midnight Thirst 2”, an anthology (Melange Books), has two self-published books, and has several short stories that she still works on. She’s always busy with the next great vampire story as her mind is non-stop and even plagues her dreams.

You can find Jodie Pierce at the following haunts:
Twitter: @vampiregds

Barnes and Noble

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16 thoughts on “Mae Clair’s Wizards with Words: Jodie Pierce

  1. Fun interview, Mae Clair!

    Jodie, I enjoyed your interview and it’s always great to meet another writer from Ohio. I am originally from Ohio and just spent Thanksgiving week there.

    Great book cover. Very well done.


    • Hi Sue,
      Thanks for the buy! That’s excellent and I hope you enjoy the book. If you’re a little confused, go to the first one, The Vampire Queen and start from there, work through The Vampire Chronicles and maybe Demise of the Vampire Queen will make more sense. They’re all short novella’s. Good luck and thanks!


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