Mae Clair: A Thanksgiving Wish Past & Present

A brief post to wish all those in America, a Happy Thanksgiving!

Although these photos were taken long before I was born, Italian families were notorious for “the more, the merrier” over the holidays. The gathering spot was usually the kitchen (although Thanksgiving dinner was served in the dining room). The more family and friends you crammed into the space, the greater the laughter and togetherness.

I loved the sense of celebration in these old family photos. Although I believe they were taken on a Christmas Eve, I thought they beautifully reflected the joy of a family gathering.

To all my new friends, writers, readers and bloggers, you’ve been a blessing to me this past year. I wish you all a Thanksgiving filled with family, friends and good cheer!

10 thoughts on “Mae Clair: A Thanksgiving Wish Past & Present

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Mae! Hope you have a great one! Love the pics. Those were such great times when families got together that way. We aren’t Italian, but we had pics like this when I was younger, and it was hard to squeeze us all in that Polaroid photo 🙂


    • Happy Thanksgiving, L.J.! We still have family gatherings (just got back from eating TWO Thanksgiving meals) but they’re not quite as large as when I was a kid. That was my Mom sitting at the table in the bottom pic holding the girl in the blue dress (who is my oldest sister). Gives you an idea of how old these are, but I love looking at them. And all those Italians! My dad was the only blond-haired blue-eyed German in the group (he was taking the photo), LOL.


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