Mae Clair: An Engraved Invitation

It’s travel time again!

I’m packing up my blog suitcases and hopping over to my good friend Donna Cummings  blog where we’re discussing all sorts of writing related topics.

If that isn’t enough, I’m also visiting the lovely Deborah Palumbo’s web haunt for a short interview about writing habits, favorite genres and WEATHERING ROCK.

Don’t wait for the movies! Consider this an engraved invitation to drop by both haunts and say hello! 😀

For a complete list of all my tour stops over the next two months, visit my WEATHERING ROCK Tour Schedule page. Caleb, Arianna and I have a lot of sharing to do 😉

6 thoughts on “Mae Clair: An Engraved Invitation

  1. You are everywhere, my friend! I’m so impressed with your discipline and hard work getting WR out there. Amazing on how many folks have been waiting for it, and ready to read (and buy it)!! Wonderful. I’m very happy for you, Mae!!


    • Thanks so much, Sheri. You always make my day. 🙂 Love your suppport and I’m thrilled to hear my like star has realigned for you. Would you believe I’ve had problems with it on other blog? Hmm…celestial shenanigans are happening all over the ‘net 😀


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