Mae Clair’s Mythical Monday: The Power of Silver

Silver has a long and ancient history in folklore. It’s featured in numerous legends, normally as a protective element or a symbol of purity. The most common relates to werewolves and their natural abhorrence of this precious metal. One silver bullet can quickly and effectively end the semi-immortal existence of an average moon-howler.  It’s no wonder lycanthropes prefer gold! But it isn’t just werewolves that have a connection to silver.

It also figures prominently in Celtic folklore in relation to the Fae and in otherworld myths in general. Silver is considered the “moon metal” and, as such, is a strong conductor of energies. It’s often used in healings. Because it is a “night metal” it can be used for negative influence as well as positive, but is more commonly viewed as a “bright metal” aligned toward good. In days of yore, parents often made sure the first gift their baby received was a silver coin to ensure good fortune through life, or a silver bell to ward off evil.

Silver is considered lunar in nature with feminine properties, but is also linked to hope and wisdom. Remember the old saying of someone having a “silver tongue” or the proverb “speech is silver but silence is golden?”

Mysticism, superstition and folklore aside, I’ve always been more enchanted of twilight than dawn (though I do love the mesh of pewter and tangerine that spools across the sky when the sun shrugs off its slumber). My affinity to dusk may explain why I’ve been partial to silver all my life as opposed to gold. Even my husband knows not to buy me gold jewelry, always silver. I’ve been like that since I first discovered jewelry as a teen. Some things you never outgrow.

When I think of silver, I envision:
The bark of a birch tree
The sound of chimes

When I think of gold, I envision:
Ancient treasure
King Midas

What about you? What do thoughts of these two mythical medals conjure for you, and are you more connected to one than the other? 

Mythical Minds want to know! 😀

12 thoughts on “Mae Clair’s Mythical Monday: The Power of Silver

  1. I’m always more drawn to Twilight and dusk too and I wear silver jewellery, not gold. No wonder I spend so much time reading and writing paranormal stories about creatures of the night.
    Silver reminds me of frost, my nana’s hair and nail polish.
    Gold just brings to mind chunky, tacky, costume jewellery 🙂


    • Creatures of the night and silver definitely are bonded, Emma. I’m with you on that one! Our weather is changing here and it’s getting too cold to sit out at twilight but I still love to watch it fall. Spring and summer are the best when it’s like a pewter veil laced with lavender.


  2. Silver…unfortunately it’s not just the wolves who were negatively impacted by silver. Judas used 30 pieces to betray Jesus. Often, when silver is mentioned, it’s one of the first things that comes to mind. It also seems to me that witches believe there is power in silver…it seems that in the stories I used to read with witches, they were very clear about using silver blades…and that there was some sort of cleansing property tied to silver. I’d have to research to be sure, but that’s what’s niggling in the back of my noggin. 🙂

    Having said that, I prefer the coloring of silver, hence my passion for white gold and platinum jewelry. 🙂 I don’t wear yellow gold, either, unless the jewelry is two toned.


  3. I’m a gold woman through and through. It helps that I’m married to a man that designs one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces and works in both gold/platium/white gold/silver. Additionally, with the price of gold being what it is–silver is making a real come back. My skin coloring lends itself to gold and something in the metallic make-up of my skin demands at least 18K. Those of you that read my traumatic brain injury blogs and know that Tom, my husband, lost 55 years of his memory, might be interested in knowing that he’s now working in his studio again. It’s amazing the amount of information a brain can relearn. He’s currently designing a gold and silver ‘book’ for an author that has just released her first novel and wants a pendent representing her achievement. I saw one he did before and was really impressed how striking the pages looked as though they would open with the slightest touch.


    • Sheri, I have two older sisters, and one loves gold and one loves silver. My mother waffled back and forth between the two over the years. She had that kind of coloring. In addition to loving silver I always felt it worked better with my fair skin and dark eyes. I’m second generation Italian and always wanted that “warm” skin tone. Instead I got my paternal grandmother’s fair English skin. Definitely works better with silver, LOL.

      I’ve followed your blog and have been amazed at Tom’s recovery. I am so thrilled to hear he’s doing wonders again in his studio. What a wonderful treasure that author is going to receive. Does Tom have a website for his custom jewelry? I would love to check it out!!!


      • Mae – Tom is slowly placing a few items on Etsy as he creates them. The gold orchid he hand carved in wax (lost wax carving) and then made a mold to pour the gold into. Most flowers and delicate items are dipped into gold/silver — but not Mr. Perfection. Due to the cost of gold – Tom’s working with more and more silver. His site is The crystal used in the banner is a piece he made for me several years ago and he’s told me he has several nice crystals remaining and wants to do original designs with them.


      • This is so exciting, Sheri! Thanks for sharing the address with me.The crystal in the banner is beautiful as are the other images he has displayed. I’m not much for gold jewelry but that orchid is absolutely STUNNING! What a talented designer!


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