Mae Clair: What does Autumn Taste Like?

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts but, in the spirit of autumn’s arrival, I thought I’d engage in a short creativity exercise and invite you to do the same.

Want to give it a try?  All you have to do is match the sense (sight, taste, smell, touch, sound) to the season, connecting a concrete impression with the abstract. Sound confusing? Nah! ‘Tis simple. Check it out:

What does autumn look like?
Fat orange pumpkins and floppy scarecrows reclining on front porches

What does autumn taste like?
Apple cider

What does autumn smell like?
Wood-smoke rising from a hearth

What does autumn feel like?
The touch of frost on a brisk morning

What does autumn sound like?
Dried leaves crunching underfoot

How about it? What are your impressions of this vibrantly colorful season?

Even if you only try one or two, take a moment to engage your senses and your creative muse. I’d love to read what you come up with!

32 thoughts on “Mae Clair: What does Autumn Taste Like?

  1. What does autumn look like?
    A cacophony of color…rich reds, burnt oranges, sunny yellows and all matter of browns…in the trees and on the ground. I love the beauty of leaves changing colors.

    What does autumn taste like?
    The dance of cinnamon and nutmeg wrapping themselves around the warm creaminess of pumpkin spice. Mmmm…Starbucks Pumpkin Spice lattes. 🙂

    What does autumn smell like?
    Cool and earthy…the soil from the last harvest, from brisk walks in the woods.

    What does autumn feel like?
    Flannel shirts and warm, soft sweaters to go with the soft, worn denim jeans.

    What does autumn sound like?
    The crunch of body hitting body, blown whistles, erruptions of cheers and chatter and boos, and a football whistling through the air. You got it! Football season… 🙂


    • Beautiful, Kitt. You hit upon so many things that I associate with autumn, right down to the grunt and crowd cheering roar of football (and I know you’re a fan, LOL). Loved the “dance of cinnamon and nutmeg wrapping themselves around the warm creaminess of pumpkin spice.” Postively lyrical! Makes me want to curl up with a cup of flavored coffee and a good read.


      • Well, Miss Lady, that was my other favorite thing to do in the fall when I wasn’t playing football in the yard. :-). This exercise was a blast. I may have to take on the winter round… 🙂


      • I have a lot of these gems! I got the idea from a very old “creative thinking” book called “What Does Childhood Taste Like?” I still love to dig it out after 20+ years and browse through it.

        And have you heard of the Story Wheel? I have a hand-held one that you spin but I think there’s a free online verison. Something to keep the muse entertained every now and then.


  2. This is a lovely post. And yours are great, especially the Halloween images.

    Looks like:Twilight coming in at an earlier hour each day.
    Tastes like: hot tea in the mornings.
    Smells like: cleansing rain.
    Feels like: wrapping up warm in cosy sweaters.
    Sounds like: the world quieting down a little.

    My answers suck compared to yours and Kitt’s 🙂


  3. Ooh, fun, Mae Clair.
    looks like: clear, crisp colors exploding across the landscape
    tastes like: bitter herbs and hot, creamy coffee
    smells like: mulch and fresh air
    feels like: all the summer’s heavy warmth evaporates and leaves me with an energy I wish I had all year round.
    sounds like: kids giggling, swings creaking, leaves gliding softly to earth


  4. Good grief, the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Autumn is apple crisp!! Yummy. I wish I could say just an apple cos apple crisp is fattening, but oh well. It’s the only time of year I eat it. Gotta keep trim, you know, just in case I meet a handsome vampire either at Halloween or one who climbs out of the pages of my book.
    Lovely post Mae, as usual!!


    • I love apple crisp, Debbie! And I could do with that handsome vamp too, LOL. I have two things I MUST eat during autumn/halloween (like your apple crisp). Mine are ginger snap cookies and a carmel-coated apples with nuts. October just isn’t October unless I allow myself a minor indulgence of each!


  5. It looks all orange, red and yellow.

    It tastes like whiskey and ginger wine.

    It smells like a wet dog that’s been out in the rain.

    It feels damp and cold every morning.

    It sounds like the central heating is coming on 🙂


  6. Making me use my imagination on this fine autumn night, huh Mae! Okay, well here goes…

    What does autumn look like: A sunset of colors springing from the earth.
    What does autumn taste like: Sweet and warm apple cider.
    What does autumn smell like: Fresh, crisp morning air.
    What does autumn feel like: Cool on the outside, while wonderfully toasty on the inside
    What does autumn sound like: Rustling leaves in howling winds.

    Loved everyone’s thoughts on these! Fun post, Mae!


  7. My poetry muse makes a rare appearance 😀

    the baby blue heavens deepens in colour
    to the azure October sky

    Nature’s beauty shines in death
    the golden and red leaves mingle with
    the stubborn green ones

    winter lays in wait around the corner
    its scent as crisp as a just picked apple cooling hot skin

    wind fights to retain its gentleness, in desperation
    throws itself against the tree’s finery
    bare branches shake in its wake

    as the foliage floats in the air landing on still green grass
    the sound foretells the storms to come

    the sun slips into its winter coat


  8. The Snap! of cheek red’ning chill;
    The Crackle! of gold and sable bills underfoot;
    The Pop! of jeweled hills in the late day sun;
    I love the first bowlful of Autumn,
    Poured out and ready to be

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