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Hello friends, and welcome to another Wizards with Words feature. Today, I’m welcoming author Deborah Palumbo who writes historicals as well as paranormal romances laced with mystery and mystery/crime. Given my love of history, romance, and things that go-bump in the night, I had to invite her to drop by for a visit. I met Deborah through a forum called Book Blogs and we soon started talking books and writing.

Hi, Deborah, and welcome to my humble blog haunt. 

Deborah:  Mae, first I want to say that I’m thrilled to be here with such a wonderful author. I appreciate this opportunity to answer your questions and get to know the readers and vice versa. Thank you to everyone attending; this is going to be a lot of fun. I’m a kindle author, about to turn paperback as well. I’m really looking forward to that by the end of the month. I hope, I hope!

It sounds like you’re definitely moving full steam ahead. And apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks that way. I understand that actor/writer Jordan Rhodes paid you a high compliment when he finished reading your mystery crime novel EDGE OF DARKNESS. I’d like to share that with my readers *rustling through papers for quote* Here we go:

“Edge of darkness is a taut suspenseful detective thriller laced with humor that reminds one of the wit displayed by the character of Lenny from Law & Order. It’s an interesting read that would easily translate to film as it conveys visuals to the reader. For every Mickey Spillane fan out there – Mickey’s back – only he’s a female and her name is Deborah Palumbo”…JORDAN RHODES Actor/writer

High praise indeed! You must have felt great with that kind of glowing review.

Deborah:  Well that’s amazing that JR feels that way, and incredibly kind of him to say so. I humbly appreciate the compliment. Of course, there can only be one Mickey Spillane. I hope though that some Spillane fans would be interested in reading EDGE OF DARKNESS and my new vintage detective novel, WHEN THE TEMPERATURE RISES.

Tell us about your newest novel, When The Temperature Rises.

Deborah:  It’s a 1948 crime noir. I’m introducing Detective Humphrey McAllister. He’s really a likeable guy. He’s had some personal problems, like chasing blonde dames and consuming too much funny water, but he’s making a comeback, so he’s got a lot to prove to himself and his cantankerous, potbellied Captain. He’s got a murder to investigate and wrap in 48 hours or the Captain’s gonna demote him from homicide to chasing bed jumpers in sleazy motels.

That comeback is easier said than done ‘cos at every turn there’s some attractive dame who is willing and able; self-control has never been one of Humphrey’s strong points. Then his ex-wife starts looking like a damn good suspect. Too bad he’s still carrying a torch for her. He’s got a difficult decision to make: haul her in or let her escape? Or maybe she isn’t the killer after all?

The man definitely has his hands full, LOL. Any other characters you’d like to share with us?

Deborah:  I’d love to talk about the handsome Quentin Castle from THE UNDEPARTED series. He’s the father of all vampires, and is devoted to the beautiful, mortal Cassandra. He’s a multi-millionaire, not some cape wearing, blood-dripping-from-the-mouth vampire, though he does live in a gothic castle. He’s desperate to win Cassandra’s heart, but doesn’t want her love and devotion because he did the “mesmerizing vampire thing,” so he tries to woo her the mortal way first. As to what he actually ends up doing…well, hopefully your readers will read the novel and its sequel ,THE ASCENT OF THE UNDEPARTED to find out.

Oooh, you have me seriously intrigued by Quentin. Not only did you give him one of my all-time favorite names for a hero, but he sounds utterly intoxicating. Any chance there’s a third book in The Undeparted series?

Deborah: Yes, I’m working on it right now. It’s steamier, sexier; Quentin and Cassandra take a few romps under the sheets, the villain is out of control, and there is definitely an element of crime solving because a detective is introduced.

Fantastic! Okay, let’s talk about Deborah. When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

Deborah: I wanted to be a writer since I was a little girl. Typically I think people are born with the desire to write.

I know that was true for me. When did you first start writing seriously?

Deborah: I wrote my first novel(s) around 1990 when an unfortunate illness left me housebound. Talk about fate, huh? I dusted off those files in 2010 and, in 2012, I self-published.

How many novels have you written total?

Deborah: I wrote 12 novels but have 8 published. I intend to flesh out the unpublished ones and bring them on board too.

Do you have a favorite place to write?

Deborah: I wish I could say behind some antique desk; a desk handed down from generation to generation, but the truth is in my four-poster king bed. The pillows are “smooshed” up behind me.

Sounds comfy. 🙂 Of the books you’ve written, do you have a favorite?

Deborah: Since each book I write is like my child, it’s hard to pick and choose, you know? But I had a blast writing When The Temperature Rises. I found it almost lyrical composing that novel.

What do you like to do when not writing?

Deborah: Geeze, I wish I could say something really interesting, but the truth is I’m a home body. I’d rather have family or friends over and play Scrabble or a good card game than go to a club. I’d rather take a long drive on a country road than jet off somewhere. I love sitting in my screened-in gazebo and listening to birdies sing and watch trees. Yeah, trees. I love to cook, bake, read scripture, entertain. Tell me you’re not yawning!

Actually, you’ve listed many of the things I like to do myself. Give me a country road or a serene backyard setting and I’m a happy camper. Before we go, do you have any parting words you’d like to share?

Deborah:  Mae, This has been an absolute pleasure; a real delight, and I thank you and everyone for spending time together! It was a blast! Hope everyone thinks so. I’d like to mention what a talented author you are. Best wishes for continued success.

Aww, many thanks and the same to you! Please look for Deborah at the following haunts:



THE UNDEPARTED Book one: Cassandra is trying to figure out if she was actually bitten by a vampire and whisked away to his castle or if it was a very vivid dream, one which has left her to contemplate her own sanity.
Unknowingly, she is the only mortal to resist the vampire’s bite and capture the heart of the most powerful vampire that ever existed; the one who began the entire race of the undead, Quentin Castle. REVIEWS

THE ASCENT OF THE UNDEPARTED: After ingesting a potion to turn him mortal, will Quentin have the strength to battle his arch enemy Lucius and rescue his beloved from Lucius’ prison, or will Quentin be sent to Hades without the ascent of his undeparted soul?  REVIEWS

WHEN THE TEMPERATURE RISES:  Book description above in interview.

Can’t get enough Deborah Palumbo? There’s more! Check out these other titles from her:


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  1. Excellent interview. Deborah is such a wonderful person and author. I’m glad she’s receiving the acknowledgement she deserves. I just started reading The Undeparted and am already looking forward to her other books. Congrats!


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