Mae Clair’s SSS: I Want to See You Again

Six Sentence Sunday 9-16-12

Hey, it’s a September Six Sentence Sunday! Tell me that isn’t a mouthful 😀

I’m sharing from WEATHERING ROCK again, though I’m jumping ahead and winding down to the end of the first date between my hero, Caleb DeCardian, and heroine, Arianna Hart. They’ve had dinner, shared a kiss that became too intimate for Arianna, prompting her to announce she was leaving. She also mentioned seeing a ‘wolf-like animal’ on a previous visit to Weathering Rock (Caleb’s home). The revelation had a profound impact on Caleb (who in addition to being from 1863, is also a werewolf with a nasty lycanthrope rival).

I’m skipping over a section where Caleb tries to convince her she must have seen a dog. Though she doubts him, she has no rational explanation for what she saw, and thus drops the subject. Caleb walks her to her car and asks to see her again. Arianna remembers their kiss and how much she enjoyed it, but has reservations given his reluctance to talk about his background. The six picks up with Arianna’s POV:


Could she afford to become involved with such a complex man? He’d volunteered little of himself and his background, dodging the subject whenever she’d asked anything remotely personal over dinner. When they reached her car, she thanked him, then moved to open the door.

He gripped the handle before she could touch it, holding it locked firmly in place.

“I’m serious, Arianna. I want to see you again.”


Okay, gang, I feel like I’ve been sharing this story forever. In a few more weeks the whole thing will actually be available for purchase at last. Happy, happy, joy, joy!  In the meantime, you can find all the yummy romantic and werewolfy-mysterious book details on the website of my publisher, Lyrical Press. It’s also available to add to your Goodreads list, should you like hunky conflicted heroes and heroines who simply can’t let matters be.

And did I mention extravagantly-jazzed-deliriously-giddy authors? Yeah. I’m one of those.

Be sure to check out all of the authors offering riveting reads today at the Six Sentence Sunday website.

45 thoughts on “Mae Clair’s SSS: I Want to See You Again

  1. You deserve to be excited. Go for it. Dance on the tables. Ok, maybe not dance on tables, but you get my meaning. 😉

    I’d be hesitant about a guy like that too. We readers have the advantage over Arianna, we know he’s the good guy.


    • Thanks for the kudos to dance, Kate. I’m a dancing fool, LOL. And you’re right – – Arianna hasn’t realized yet what a great guy Caleb is. I have a feeling she’ll be gone on him soon 😉


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