Mae Clair’s SSS: By the Glow of the Porch Lights

Happy Six Sentence Sunday!  I’m delighted to welcome everyone back again for another peek of my upcoming paranormal/time travel release, WEATHERING ROCK, which will be available on October 8th. Less than a month away now!

If you’ve been following along, you know the story revolves around Caleb DeCardian, former colonel for the Union army during the Civil War, and hunky werewolf (yeah, I know it’s a mind-boggling combo :D). Caleb has been transported to the present, along with his former friend, now bitter rival, Seth Reilly. Seth is also a werewolf. You expected that, right?

To bring everyone up to speed, Caleb has convinced my heroine, Arianna Hart, to have dinner with him. The two have just finished their first date at Weathering Rock (an old home built in the 1800s). After dinner, Arianna allowed Caleb to kiss her, but when the kiss became too sensual, she  decided things were moving too fast and told him she’s leaving (she has no clue who or what he is). Just before she does, she announces she saw a ‘wolf’ the last time she was at Weathering Rock. We had a short glimpse of Caleb’s reaction last week.

To make this week’s six work, I have to skip Arianna’s explanation, but she clarifies it was a ‘wolf-like creature.’  Then:


In the amber glow of the porch lights, Caleb’s face was drawn, damp with sweat over the cheekbones. “Did you see him–it,” he corrected with an irritated shake of his head. “The night you were here? Did you see it?”

She wasn’t certain what she’d seen, but there was no doubt his interest was genuine.


Blip! And another six sweeps by. They go so fast! 🙂  As always, I appreciate your interest and your comments. Check out all of the writers who are sharing SSS snippets today. For a complete list visit the Six Sentence Sunday website and enjoy!

37 thoughts on “Mae Clair’s SSS: By the Glow of the Porch Lights

    • Sheri, I am SO excited and honored to know you’re going to be reading Weathering Rock, given it isn’t your normal genre. You always have such encouraging comments for me. Thank you so much! 🙂


    • Thanks so much! I’m thrilled to have intrigued you. And thanks for the compliment on the photo. I look long and hard for pics to match my posts. I love choosing photos that evoke mood. So pleased you enjoyed the post and the photo!


  1. Oh, he’s worried. Love the description. Perfect!! Can’t wait to read more. I’m anxiously waiting to get my hands on this book. lol
    Hey, I wanted to thank you for your lovely review of Magic of the Loch! I’m so thrilled you liked it!


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