Mae Clair: If You Write it . . .

. . . will they read it? I hope so!

I haven’t done a Friday post in a while, but I have some wonderful news I couldn’t wait to share. My sister author at Lyrical Press, Renita Pizzitola did some sleuthing on Goodreads and told me WEATHERING ROCK has appeared! Squeeeeee!

It took me all of three seconds to hop over and bask in the glorious glow of the screen. Do you know what this means (er, aside from the fact I had to be peeled from the ceiling and resuscitated by invisible book knaves whose job it is to monitor first-time authors for rampant enthusiasm)?

It’s another step forward in my progression to author.
Another step toward WEATHERING ROCK release day, October 8.
Another momentous stride toward sharing my characters and their story with the world.

Wow! I break out in goosebumps when I think about it.

You could add to my shivery feeling of delight by including WEATHERING ROCK on your “to read” list at Goodreads. Rest assured you’ll make my day, and the invisible book knaves will be forced to summon reinforcements to return me to terra firma.

Not that I plan on staying there for long.

Thanks again to Renita. She has her own book releasing on October 8, a YA novel called GOSSAMER that you can also find on Goodreads. And she’ll be on my blog on Setpember 14th, doing an author interview with me and sharing all the magical, whimsical elements woven into GOSSAMER. I hope you’ll come back and join us.

In the meantime, I must go do some more basking. And floating. Sssh! Don’t tell the book knaves. 🙂

22 thoughts on “Mae Clair: If You Write it . . .

  1. I’ve already marked Weathering Rock and can’t wait to read it in October! The excerpt up on Lyrical’s site already has me very intrigued!

    And I’m floating right there with you. I get excited anytime I see my book anywhere or mentioned anywhere. I’m look forward to being on your blog, too!


    • Ooh, I didn’t realize my exceprt was up on Lyrical. Have to check that out.

      And I’m excted about GOSSAMER too and having you guest on my blog. I soooo love stories that revolve around the Fae!


    • Thanks, L.J. I have waited a very long time for this. I wish my parents were here to see it (since they started this fire in me when I was a kid) but I know they’re cheering me on from above. I can’t wait for release day!


  2. I hope you still are floating, Mae. You know I’ve already picked it as a ‘to read’– but had to stop by here, too to celebrate with ya! All of this is happening so fast, I can only imagine the whirlwind must keep you up on that cloud nine folks talk about. Congrats from the bottom of my <3!!!


    • Thanks, my friend. You are so much a part of this. I feel like we started this journey together and I’m finally riding the boat into shore. So happy! And so happy to have you there with me. You know I’m cheering you on too! 🙂


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