Mae Clair’s The Other Side of a Kiss

Six Sentence Sunday 8-19-12

Hi, friends! It’s Six Sentence Sunday time.

I’ve missed the last few rounds due to being away (and working on another novel) but I wanted to jump back in today and share another snippet from my upcoming release, WEATHERING ROCK.

I appreciate everyone who has been following along and commenting. If you’re unfamiliar with the story a blurb, character list, and book trailer can be found here.

The last time I posted, Caleb DeCardian (hunky colonel from the American Civil War who has time traveled to the present) finally got Arianna Hart (feisty teacher of American history) to have dinner with him. It turned into a romantic evening and Arianna succumbed to Caleb’s charms which resulted in a deliciously sensual kiss. If you missed that excerpt, it was A Kiss Worth Waiting For.

I’m picking up immediately after that, with Arianna’s POV.


“Don’t.” She wrenched free. Flustered by her behavior, she raised trembling fingers to her lips, still moist and puffy from his kiss. She’d promised her attraction wouldn’t go this far, yet had tumbled into his arms. She could still feel the searing heat of his mouth on hers, the hungry possessiveness of his tongue sealing them together. He might appear courtly and refined, but his kiss was far from genteel.


Will Caleb take no for an answer when he has a woman like Arianna in his arms?

I hope you’ll join me next week as I continue their story. In the meantime, don’t miss out on all of the other great SSS reads taking place today. You can find a complete list at the Six Sentence Sunday website.

Sit back, enjoy your coffee or tea and let the good times read!

37 thoughts on “Mae Clair’s The Other Side of a Kiss

  1. “Far from genteel” works for ME! I really enjoy this story as we’re getting to see it in these excerpts – want to read it all at once, of course! Excellent snippet – I hope Caleb can erase her doubts!


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