Weathering Rock: Moonstruck! SSS 7-22-12

Welcome to another round of Six Sentence Sunday. For a complete list of participating authors, click here. Yeesh! Can you believe this is the last SSS for the month of July?
Although I am hard at work on my latest WIP which involves a sexy marine archeologist with grunge-musician appeal and an ‘older’ woman, I’m sharing again today from WEATHERING ROCK.

If you’re unfamiliar with my paranormal romance/time travel featuring a modern day school teacher and a displaced Civil War colonel (who also happens to be a werewolf), you can find the blurb, character list and a book trailer here. WEATHERING ROCK will be released on October 8th by Lyrical Press.

I’m skipping ahead this week. Caleb DeCardian has invited Arianna Hart to have dinner with him on the veranda at Weathering Rock. He’s skillfully evaded her questions about his background and she’s found him to be equally engaging and bewildering. Dinner is now over and they’re standing on the veranda looking up at the moon which Arianna believes is full. Caleb tells her it only looks full, but is waning. I’m picking up there for the six, with Arianna speaking first.


“You can tell the difference?” She shot a doubtful glance at the moon. It made her think of long-ago legends: fairy glades, nameless winged creatures and werewolves.

“The moon and I are well acquainted.”

He leaned into the banister, his leg casually brushing hers. She tensed at the informal contact, surprised when it streaked through her like a bolt of lightning.


I’d love to share more than six sentences but ‘them’s the rules!’ Thank you to everyone who stops by and comments each week. Sundays are always a delight with SSS on the radar!

44 thoughts on “Weathering Rock: Moonstruck! SSS 7-22-12

    • Thanks, Donna. I wrote “Twelfth Sun” several years ago and did everything but write the ending. I’ve been doing a clean-up on it, and finishing it out, in hopes of submitting. Of course, in the meantime, I’m pretty gone on Caleb and his attachment to the moon 🙂


    • You are such a sweetheart! 🙂 I love that you’re thinking that way, Sheri. I promise there is a much more to the plot of Weathering Rock than appears at face value. It’s not women’s fiction but, the few writers familiar with my stuff, will tell you I can’t do anything that isn’t densely convoluted.


  1. Clean and succinct writing. I’m really looking forward to your release and have put date in my cell phone calendar!!


  2. Of course this is a great six offering! And of course your new story will be as amazing as Weathering rock, Mae. I really like how you refer to elements and then associate the theme to Arianna feeling that ‘bolt of lightening’. It’s a wonderful way of showing that love between them coming to the surface is based on such timeless and elemental stuff. Really cool!


  3. Love it, Mae. LOL Talk about understatement. Can’t wait to read her reaction when she discovers just how well-acquainted he and the moon really are.


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