Author Spotlight: Savannah Rayne

Hello, everyone! Today I’m welcoming Savannah Rayne to my blog. Savannah was gracious enough to volunteer for my first author interview. I hope you’ll welcome her warmly, as I’m excited to have her here.  Welcome Savannah! 

Savannah: Good morning, Mae, and thank you for having me! It’s a real honor to be here.

Can you tell us a little about the type of writing you do and why you chose that genre? 

Savannah:  My first two published stories are mild horror–nothing gruesome, but more creepy than anything. I’ve always loved a good spooky book, so it was just a given to write in a way I’ve enjoyed reading myself. I’ve also decided to try my hand at writing romance. This is another genre I have devoured over the years. I’ve flip-flopped between the two all of my life! When I was bored with the mushy happily-ever-after-life-is-perfect stuff, I’d go get something from the horror section at the book store to balance things out!

 As someone who loves a scary story as much as a romantic tale, I was enthralled by the synopses of OH, DEER and WHEN IT LEAVES, two titles you’ve already published. Although I enjoy reading about a spooky graveyard or haunted house, I love when an author can change the gentle or ordinary into something ominous. Would you like to share a bit about these two books?

Savannah: With both of these stories I have taken two things we see in everyday life–deer and autumn leaves–that are usually very innocent, and turned them into something unnatural, that should be feared. Those who’ve read the books have told me that when they see a deer on the side of the road, or children innocently playing  in fallen leaves, they remember my stories and shudder just a little.

Jacob Ellis and his wife Donna live in the north woods of Wisconsin. Like most young couples, they have hobbies they enjoy. Jacob likes the outdoors, choosing four-wheeling and hunting as his forms of relaxation. Donna loves cooking, but her true passion is working in her flower garden. That is until her labor of love becomes nothing more than a colorful, tasty treat for the white-tailed deer who share their surroundings. One night, the pair experience more than the typical four legged visitor to their yard. The evening sets the path for Jacob’s decision to go against nature. After hearing a legend passed down through generations of the Chippewa Indians, Jacob must decide if it’s just a myth or a lesson in the balance of law and justice–between people and nature.

Playing in the leaves is something all children do; twins Steven and K.C are no different. One autumn evening the five year olds ask to go out and play until dinner is ready. What happens that night will haunt Steven for the next twenty years. Now with a daughter of his own, Steven is left to struggle with the painful, guilt ridden choice of keeping his daughter safe or help the brother he lost long ago, the one person Steven always thought he would do anything, to have back.

You have a new paranormal romance, WORDS OF AN ANGEL, coming soon. Can you tell us about it and when it will be released?

Savannah:  Absolutely! I am very excited about my latest story WORDS OF AN ANGEL which will be published soon by Hellfire Publishing. WORDS OF AN ANGEL is a paranormal romance that has situations in it that we all go through in life…only with a twist 🙂

Rayanne Bradley experiences some life changes. She struggles with new choices that affect both her personal and professional life. She’ll also find the man of her dreams. As the worlds of dreams and reality collide, the two struggle between choosing to do what’s right, or following their hearts. One will be faced with giving up everything they’ve ever known, a choice that if made, will result in never going back. The other feels it’s too great a sacrifice to ask someone to make. How far is too far to go, when you love someone?  As of right now, I don’t have an exact release date, but it should be before summer ends.

Oooh, very nice! I love the cover on all three of your books but, WORDS OF AN ANGEL, is definitely delicious! I know that in addition to being a writer, you’re also an editor for Hellfire Publishing. Is it hard juggling two roles, especially when your e-house is also pubbing your work?

Savannah: Interesting question! Being with Hellfire Publishing is the best thing that has ever happened to me. As an “editor” I am truly blessed in having a great boss and I work with some of the most wonderful writers out there. The word “work” doesn’t really seem right; I enjoy my job and can’t imagine doing anything else now. As for writing for HP, again, it’s amazing. Even though I work for them, I go through the exact same thing every other writer does. I don’t get special privileges or treatment. I have to wait my turn and go through the editing process just like all HP writers. You would think being an editor/copy editor I would be more aware of errors I make when writing. But I can tell you, as careful as I try to be I still make mistakes just like everyone else, LOL.

Is there one you enjoy more than the other?

Savannah: No, not really. I have come to enjoy writing more than I thought I would and plan on doing it as long as I can. As for editing, I work with such great writers, it’s a pleasure to help them get their already awesome stories into the best shape as possible. Really, is there a better job than getting to read these great books?

Okay, technique time:  do you write as time permits or do you have set hours/days devoted strictly to writing?   

Savannah: Oh, definitely when time permits! It’s my biggest battle–trying to balance all that I do. Wednesday is my scheduled day off from watching the children I do day care for. I try very hard to set that day aside to do my writing. But, if there are edits/copy edits that are pressing, they come first. Every once in a while my muse shows up waving a baseball bat and says “WRITE”…I never argue. It doesn’t matter if it’s winged or wooden, I don’t mess with bats! Oh, and I always have coffee within reach!

I often get asked where my inspiration for a story comes from. What about you?  What inspired WORDS OF AN ANGEL? Anything else in the works you’d like to share with us?

Savannah: I was doing some research on angels for another project for my blog, when I came across the angel of writers–Ecanus. That got me to thinking and the story just developed from there. It’s kind of funny, but sometimes I’ll be doing dishes or taking a shower and a title for a story will pop into my head…then the story seems to grow from there. I always have titles first! I also never really know how the story will go. Sometimes I’m as surprised by what happens as everyone else!

As for works in progress–I have fifteen other manuscripts I’m working on. They are equally divided between horror and romance. I am currently working on the prequel to WHEN IT LEAVES which is titled WHISPERING BREEZES. It will explain how Angie Leiberman received her powers and what, exactly, they are. There will also be a sequel titled HOWLING WINDS OF AUTUMN, that will tie up the “loose ends”. At this rate, I’m going to need a lot more Wednesday’s, LOL

Your author bio on Amazon states you used to go to the library a lot as a kid. Me too! Writers often get asked to name a favorite book, but I’m going to ask you to name a favorite book from your childhood–one of those stories that lingers years later. For me it was THE WICKED PIGEON LADIES IN THE GARDEN What’s yours?

Savannah:  I think I would have to go with BEDKNOBS AND BROOMSTICKS by Mary Norton! I always wanted to find my very own Miss Price and have my bed take me away on some really cool adventure. Now that I’m older, I just want my bed to help me have a good-night’s sleep : )

I also loved The Borrowers as well. Hmmm, I’m also thinking I need to read these to my grandson Logan when he’s a little older!

Today, when you read, do you stick with one genre or read across several? Do you have a favorite?

Savannah: Lately all my “reading” seems to be done during editing/copy editing, so it’s work related. I read any genre that comes my way. I don’t think I’ve read a book for “fun” in the past year. I can tell you that I do truly love Robin Renee Ray’s BLOODBREEDERS series! I can’t wait to get working on the third book! LOL Even if I wasn’t Robin’s editor, I would be a huge fan. That girl tells some pretty awesome and gruesome stuff…and I love it!

And now for some silliness:

You’re stuck on that proverbial island in the middle of nowhere, bored to tears.  A plane flies over and drops enough gourmet food for a week, your favorite adult beverage and three novels attached to a parachute. Yes, novels. What are the three titles you’d most like to see when you pluck them from the sand (we’ll pretend the parachute didn’t get tangled up in the palm trees!).

Savannah:  My all-time favorite book is Gone with the Wind, so that is a definite! Hmmm, now it gets tough. I would for sure want to read the rest of the BLOODBREEDERS series, but they’re not ready yet. Anyway, can I get a rain check? Another drop in the future? LOL But if I have to wait, I’d like to read The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough again. I also really love Terry Brooks’ Magic Kingdom of Landover series…but that’s more than one isn’t it? This is really hard! I guess for my third choice I would want it to be something I haven’t read…I’ve been dying to read Stephen King’s 11/22/63.

I’ve been eyeing that one up too. The Powers-that-Be have just granted you a super power. What is it?

Savannah: The ability to tell if someone is lying or telling the truth. Boy that sure would have saved me a lot of drama in the past and would probably be very helpful in the future! Can you imagine me interviewing politicians? LOL

You just got cast as the female lead in a romantic mystery movie. What actor would you choose to play your leading man?

Savannah: Oh there would be two delicious men my dear… the very sexy Gerard Butler (P.S. I Love You) would be the hero who saves me from the ever evil and seductive Ian Somerhalder (Vampire Diaries) who kidnaps me and tries to have his way with me…although he really wouldn’t have to try all that hard. I wonder how many “takes” there would be to get the scene just right? 🙂

LOL! Great choices! Thanks for being such a good sport, Savannah, this was fun! Thanks too for bravely wading into the territory of being the first author interviewed on my blog. I really enjoyed having you.  Before we close, do you have any advice for authors wanting to break into your genre?

Savannah:  Never give up! Do your best at writing the story and have it in the best shape possible before you submit it. Listen to constructive criticism with an open mind, and check your ego at the door. Always be respectful, whether it’s to your publisher, editor, fellow authors or your readers.

Sage advice. If you’d like to find out more about Savannah and her spine-tingling titles, you can find her at the following haunts:

Hugs and Nightmares Blog



Facebook Author Page 

Facebook~WORDS OF AN ANGEL Fan Page 


Available now:



Coming soon:

WORDS OF AN ANGEL you can watch for it at Hellfire Publishing’s website.
Be sure to check out all their great reads while you’re there! 🙂

23 thoughts on “Author Spotlight: Savannah Rayne

  1. Wow! great first interview, Mae. Loved that you got Savannah to share so much. Great getting to know you, Savannah. Best of luck with your stories. They are fascinating.


    • Mae, I promise I won’t tell anyone you had me tied to the chair for hours & hours, until I confessed everything, lol. Seriously Mae is a wonderful woman and I am so honored that she asked me to be her very first spot-light author! I am truly blessed to have met her.


    • Thank you again Mae, for asking me to be on your blog, and giving me the honor of being your very first spot-light author. That means more to me than you know. You have been a blessing and I am so grateful to have met you. Biggest Hugs my friend ❤


  2. Hellfire… hmmm yes I love your covers also. Funny how our characters manage to talk to us no matter what we’re doing. Your stories sound intriguing, the combination of reality and fiction. Great interview you two!


  3. What a great interview Mae & Savannah! I’m definitely going to add these books. Being a Wisconsonite, I can’t wait to sink into Oh Deer.


  4. More friends to the party. I love it! Thanks for dropping in and checking out the interview with Savannah. You guys are great. 🙂

    And Savannah, you crack me up, LOL! It was a pleasure to work with you too. As you said, professional and fun. You definitely need to come back again!


    • Yes, I can’t thank everyone enough for taking time out of their busy day to stop by. You all rock! Oh sweetie, I’ll be back, and you want have to tie me up the next time : ) I loved being here and as I already said, you are totally awesome!


  5. The words about the importance of editing can’t be stressed enough. I’ve seen dozens of book descriptions and related material with simple spelling errors. These especially seem to happen when the book’s self-published. A good editor is worth her weight in gold. Bonnie McCune, author, “A Saint Comes Stumbling In”


  6. Great post. A lot of good information, Savannah…and a few things that had not occurred to me. Thanks for sharing.

    And Mae? This is your first author interview? Wow…had I not read that, I’d have not thought it. Great job!


  7. Savannah & Mae, thanks for this fun and informative interview! You guys were great.
    We got to learn a lot about –Savannah’s books, her life as a writer who is also an editor, her approach to writing and the genres she dabbles, a few books she’d like to have if she was on a deserted island– and um, *cough* that she’s got the hots for Gerald Butler! 😉 Also –great job Mae of throwing in some off-the-beaten path questions. And– Savannah has such wonderful covers! Good job, y’all!


    • Thanks, Venice. Glad you stopped by to check it out. And aren’t those book covers awesome? They really set the tone for her style of writing. And you know me . . . had to have some “off-the-beaten-path” questions in the mix, LOL!


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