Weathering Rock: SSS 7-8-12

Happy Six Sentence Sunday, everyone! Once again, I’m sharing from my paranormal romance, time-travel, WEATHERING ROCK, scheduled for an October 8th release. For the tag, blurb, and a book trailer visit my WEATHERING ROCK page, here.

In today’s SSS, Caleb DeCardian (hunky werewolf and one time colonel for the Union Army during America’s Civil War) has finally gotten Arianna Hart to have dinner with him. At this point in the story, she’s still clueless about who and what he is.

Caleb escorts her outside onto the veranda at Weathering Rock, (an old home built in the 1800’s) where he’s prepared a lavish setting – – white wicker furniture, overstuffed pillows, glass tabletops – – beneath the setting sun. My six picks up from Arianna’s POV:


“This is…” Arianna paused, looking at the blush-colored china, elegant stemware and white taper candles in crystal holders. There was even a vase of freshly cut roses, the creamy pink blooms likely snipped from the bushes on the side of the house. “Lovely.” She had not expected him to do anything so elaborate and wasn’t certain if the romantic setting had been intentional or merely the result of his old-fashioned gentility.

“I hoped you’d like it.”


And I hope you liked my six. 🙂 For more participating authors, visit the Six Sentence Sunday website and get ready for some phenomenal reads! Comments are welcome!

46 thoughts on “Weathering Rock: SSS 7-8-12

    • Hey, as I recall you ‘have’ a Caleb, and you kind of left me wondering what’s up with him, LOL! Glad you liked the scene. I’m such a romantic at heart it’s pathetic.


  1. Ari’s in for a few more surprises, isn’t she? Unless she’s accustomed to having dinner with a Civil War era werewolf. Lol Great six as always, Mae! Nice picture, too.


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