Weathering Rock: SSS 6-10-12

Happy Sunday, Sixers!  It’s time for another round of six sentence snippets. Once again, I’m posting from my upcoming time-travel/paranormal release WEATHERING ROCK. Thanks to everyone who has been commenting and following along. I’ve made so many wonderful friends through SSS. You guys rock! 🙂

And now onward to the six!

For the last few weeks, Caleb DeCardian has been trying to coax Arianna Hart into having dinner with him (in hopes of atoning for something he’s done to upset her). There is some back and forth verbal tug-of-war but she finally agrees when he tells her to pick the night. She chooses Thursday evening and he hedges (yes, I skipepd that part). She tells him if it doesn’t suit they can forget it altogether, at which point Caleb concedes.  

Later he tells his ‘brother,’ Wyn DeCardian, about the date he’s made and the two end up in an argument.  The six picks up there with Caleb speaking first, followed by Wyn (I’m snipping a bit to make it work):


“It may surprise you, Winston, but I am intimately conscious of the lunar cycle. The moon may look full on Thursday, but it will be waning at ninety-seven percent.”

“Not on Wednesday, it won’t.  I’m going to have to lock you up like I do every month and you’re going to turn into that thing. The next day–Thursday, in case it’s eluded you–you’ll be worthless as shit. You’ll be lucky if you can walk down the steps without falling on your ass.”


To find out more about the nature of Wyn’s true relationship to Caleb and Caleb’s connection to full moons, check out my WEATHERING ROCK page

Can’t get enough of Six Sentence Sundays?  Then hop on over to the SSS website for a complete list of all the participating authors. Good reads abound!

37 thoughts on “Weathering Rock: SSS 6-10-12

    • Thanks, Sue! I originally thought I was biting off more than I could chew combining werewolves and time-travel with romance but, heck, I’ve always enjoyed a challenge 🙂 Glad you’re intrigued by all of the elements I’m using!


  1. Ari’s never had a date quite like this one, would be my guess. Lol Looks like Caleb has a lot more to handle, too, besides the moon and his … unusual nature (?) Totally fascinating story, Mae! Can’t wait to see how the date goes.


    • Thanks, Wendy. I admit a weakness for Wyn and the way he handles and challenges Caleb throughout the book — even if he can’t always get away to talking to him like this. Thanks for your insightful comment!


    • Thanks, Melynda. I really enjoyed writing dialogue between Caleb and Wyn. They’ve got some wonderful back-and-forth throughout. And I’m a sucker for a tortured werewolf 🙂


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