How Savvy Are You?

How Savvy Are You?

I’m taking today to give a shout-out to Savvy Authors, an exceptional online community of writers, brimming with resources.  I joined Savvy on February 2nd, pitched my novel, Weathering Rock, to Piper Denna of Lyrical Press on February 7th and had a contract by the end of the month. Granted, that might be an exception to the rule, but none of it would have happened without the opportunity given by Savvy.

Savvy, however, is more than an outlet toward publication. Yes, they have several pitch sessions a year (the next is June 22nd  with Deb Werksman of Sourcebooks )but it’s also about learning, networking and having the support of other authors  – – ranging from published and wildly successful to just starting out and never having submitted.  There are forums, workshops, resources and events. It’s like falling into a moon-bounce (remember those?) of information and then soaring up on a giddy high.

Since joining Savvy, I’ve not only sold a book, but have learned how to build a WordPress blog, use social media effectively, put together a book trailer, write a synopsis, build a brand, and put together a query package, among other things.  Premium membership is a mere $30.00 per year and most of the workshops I’ve mentioned have cost $15.00 each and span several weeks.

I’ve been involved in numerous writing groups, online and locally over the years, but can honestly say Savvy is worth every penny I’ve spent.   

So . . . how Savvy are you?  You might want to take this opportunity to find out through membership

There is also a free membership package with limited benefits. Why wait?  A savvy writer’s life is just around the corner!

12 thoughts on “How Savvy Are You?

  1. yes am just putting together your e mail reply now. I’ve taken two workshop classes with Savvy – both excellent. You may be the exception with your book selling so quickly. that is so marvelous!


    • Got your email and will do a reply. I love Savvy! Between the workshops and the pitch sessions, it’s like stumbling into a goldmine. Thanks for the kudos about the book. 🙂 I know my experience isn’t the norm, but, its so great Savvy makes the opportunities possible!


    • OMG, Angela!!!! First off, welcome to Savvy, and, secondly, I am so EXCITED for you! Yes, yes, YES!!!! MUST LOVE BREECHES needs to be published. Snoopy dance, jumping up and down and everything else! Crossing fingers and toes. Your book rocks!!


  2. Savvy is an amazing place– I absolutely agree! It’s become my writing haven. To learn, develop projects, and hang out with other positive and excited writers — from the successful multi-pub’d to the indies. It’s the best writing forum I’ve ever particpated in– beating the others bigtime! And being able to pick from such a bounty of great workshops@ $15 or less– and the teachers!!! I could go on and on. Great to see you giving them a shout-out, Mae!! I plan to do the same one day, when I’m up and running.


    • Thanks, Venice. I wouldn’t have found Savvy or started down the journey toward publication without you giving me a shove out the door and introducing me to Savvy in the first place. Like you said – – a writing haven!


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