Trust me . . . it’s a big deal!

At least for me.

Writing a book is exciting enough. Getting to do a visual interpetation of it is, well . . . a giddy culimination of a lot of work. A few days back I mentioned I was working on a video trailer for Weathering Rock. I know a lot of you have been following my snippets, especially my Six Sunday shares in which I’ve posted snippets of the book. I’ve made some noise about the characters and what it’s about, but haven’t tried to present it as a whole.

Until now.

I loved putting this together. Writing the script, finding the images to match, and searching out just the right music. Here’s a glimpse of Weathering Rock as a whole. I hope you enjoy it!

18 thoughts on “Trust me . . . it’s a big deal!

  1. Goodness Mae, it’s REALLY happening now! Great trailer. Music fits perfect. Love it. Hoping it all goes so well for you, Sally X


    • Thanks, Sally. Yep, I’m moving full steam ahead. Putting the book trailer together really made me feel like I’d taken a giant step forward. Thanks for checking it out!


  2. I am still amused that writers use visual media for their books. Having said that – your trailer is exceptional – I don’t suppose your book will be in paper too? I do not own an e reader – just stubborn I guess šŸ˜€


    • Thanks for checking it out, Sue, and for the compliment! Doing a trailer really appealed to the creative side of me (I work with graphic images a fair amount on my day job). Sorry, the book is in e-format only, but if you don’t have a reader, you can buy it in in pdf format and download to a computer. I didn’t get a Kindle until 2 years ago and I’ve already upgraded to a Kindle Fire, I love e-books so much! It’s surprising given I was admantly against the whole concept. Now, I can’t imagine why, LOL!


  3. (hmm, thought I had posted a comment here earlier. Sigh…)
    You know I LOVE the trailer, Mae!! So cool you’ve added a bio parade of the characters, too. Yep–enticing is right!! Great job on the trailer and your marketing of WR is so on point! Every week you surprise me with something new, my friend. It’s a joy to witness! šŸ™‚


    • Thanks, Venice. I think you commented on my actual Weathering Rock page (the trailer is there too). But you know I always love hearing from you. Your comments are always such a huge boost for me! šŸ™‚


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