Six Sentence Sunday 5-27-12

Happy almost Memorial Day!  I hope everyone is having a nice long relaxing weekend, but also pausing to remember those who have fought for our country, especially those who paid the ultimate price for our freedoms.

Fitting with the day, the hero of my novel Weathering Rock, is an ex-military man, although he’s time travelled from 1863 shortly after the battle of Gettysburg, to the present day. Caleb DeCardian has made a less than favorable impression on Arianna Hart, the heroine of the story and needs to make amends. Last Sunday they ran into each other at the library and he asked for the chance to make up for his blunders.

I’m picking up there this Sunday with Caleb speaking first, followed by Arianna. I’ve had to snip a bit due to the limitation of six sentences.  Incidentally, Weathering Rock is the name of the property (an old pre-Civil War home) where Caleb lives:


“I’d like to invite you to dinner. At Weathering Rock.”

“Sorry, I’m busy.” Snapping the book shut, she returned it to the shelf. Before she could retreat, he caught her arm.

“I haven’t told you what night.”


Eesh! Freakishly short, but that’s all SSS will allow. I hope you’re return next week to see where things are headed. In the meantime, check out the other fantastic reads being offered by participating Six Sentence Sunday auhors and enjoy your holiday!
I appreciate your comments!

42 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 5-27-12

  1. Thanks for the excerpt Mae Clair! I enjoy time travel romances and the idea your hero comes from Gettysburg fires my interest. Have a great day. I just joined SSS this week so I’m new to the group 🙂


    • Hi, Jenna! So great to see you here. Thanks for dropping by and checking ot my six. I always loved time travel novels too and have a weakness for Civil War heroes. I’m glad you enjoyed it and so happy you’re now participating in SSS. By the way, just checked out yours and it rocks! Awesome way to start with SSS!


    • Thank you so much, Sue! It will be available for computer download in pdf format too. I’m so pleased you’re enjoying it. I actually just finished making a book trailer for it and am going to be unveiling it on my blog and website this week.


  2. This made me laugh out loud — I love the friction between them, as well as his persistence. 🙂 Really great six.

    And I know what you mean about having a hard time picking out six sentences–I wanted to do more dialogue with mine but there was no room. LOL


    • Thanks, Donna, I’m glad you’re enjoying it. And, oh, I am soooo gone on Lord Midnight, I don’t need dialogue, LOL. I haven’t even started the book yet and I’m in love with your male lead! 🙂


  3. Hi Mae,
    In my long, extended, education quest at the university, it was pounded into us to be concise. Concise is the rule not the exception, we were taught. I see how amazingly detailed stories can be told in song lyrics, in such a short amount of space and such few words.

    I’ll tell ya, you’ve done it here Mae. This may be short but it’s powerful like a knock to the noggin with a frying pan. 😉 I can feel the tension between these two and usually that tension is because of some hidden feelings between them that they don’t want to admit to.

    Great Six, Mae! I look forward to reading more of them and getting to know your work much better.


    • Well, that just rocked my world! 🙂 Seriously, thank you so much for your thoughtful comments and insight. I’m glad you felt I was able to convey emotion in such a short snippet. Sixes are always hard when dialogue is involved (I think so), since the reader can’t keep going with the flow.

      Thanks so much for visiting my blog and I’m glad I have you intrigued. The writer community I’m discovering online is so supportive and awesome. So lovely to meet you!


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