A New Look

Homes get them, people get them, why not blogs?  I thought it was time to give mine a new look, hence the background change. What do you think?

I wanted something atmospheric and moody and went on an image hunt. I found this one on bigstockphoto.com. It was easy to find using the search elements I incorporated:  a full moon and a wolf.

The hero of my October release, Weathering Rock, is cursed by lycanthropy, so it seemed like a good fit. That and I’ve always been a little gone on the whole werewolf legend and moonlight.

Bigstock is affordable and easy to use. I know I’ll be rummaging through their library of stock photography again. My biggest problem was deciding which image to select, I liked so many.

Huge thanks to Jane Wakely for pointing me toward the website. I feel like I just repainted my house. J

12 thoughts on “A New Look

  1. Thanks, L.J.! I just recently heard of istockphotograpy so I want to check them out too. A friend suggested I might want to play with my name banner at the top blending, it with the blue/silvery theme of the background to see how it would look. I created it in Photoshop so I have to go back to the drawing board for that, but I think I’m going to experiment just for fun. 🙂


  2. I love stock photos, Sheri! Not only do I like searching for particular images but I’ll often stumble across one that inspires a completely different idea. I’ll tuck it away for later in hopes of using it in the future. Now that I’ve found some good sites for quality images that are either royalty-free or affordable, I’m sure I’ll be sprucing up my blog posts with more images. Oh, and so glad you like the new look. I enjoyed shopping for it 🙂


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