Conversation Starter

When I sat down to write Weathering Rock, (coming in October from Lyrical Press) I had to decide what time period to use for the setting.  I’d already decided on a time-travel with paranormal elements, and knew I wanted to reference the Civil War era. After that, it was a matter of deciding who would do the traveling (hero or heroine) and whether they would go forward or backward in time.

I eventually settled on the novel’s hero, Caleb DeCardian, hurtling him from 1863 into the present. Using a character who lived when the nation was divided, fought the Battle of Gettysburg, and helped put down the New York City Draft Riots, allowed me to sprinkle historical references throughout the book. Today, that has me thinking.

If you could go backward in time and have a conversation with someone famous from history, who would it be and why?

I’m torn on this. Part of me would say Robert F. Kennedy because I admire him and was far too young to remember anything about him. Another part would like to sit down with George Armstrong Custer and say “What were you thinking?!?” Still another is enraptured by the thought of  the Sons of Liberty discussing independence. I’d talk to any one of them! Then there’s Doc Holliday, and . . . can you tell I like history? 🙂

Okay, I’ll stop now and go with RFK.  How about you?  Who inspires you?  Who would you love to have a chat-fest with if you could turn back the pages of time?

6 thoughts on “Conversation Starter

  1. Mae – You’ve done it again. What a wonderful way to start a Saturday; traveling in time to visit heros from the past for a long and hopefully informative conversation. I’d love to sit a spell with General Eisenhower and talk with him about the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan. I also love to chat with General Patton about the same. I’m with you on talking with RFK but I’d like to talk with all the brothers as well as their wives and children. Did I mention I’d like to talk with them sepeately?


    • Awesome, Sheri! It’s intriguing to wonder how General Eisenhower would react to Iraq and Afghanistan and what his approach would be given current times. And I agree with you about the Kennedys. In reading multiple books about RFK, I’ve learned much about the entire family. So many individuals, so many life paths in a single family spanning generations. Glad you enjoyed the post!


    • Interesting. I’m not familiar with him, so I’ll have to look him up. William Penn I’ve done some reading on, though I admit, mostly snatches here and there. And your mention of an expedition popped another person into my head – – Captain Francis Crozier of Sir John Franklin’s expedition to find the Northwest Passage. How wonderful it would be to talk to these people today! Thanks for commenting, Diane 🙂


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