Six Sentence Sunday 5-13-12

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!  I’m participating in another Six Sentence Sunday.  For the last few weeks I’ve been sharing snippets from Weathering Rock, my time-travel / paranormal which will be released in October by Lyrical Press.  I’ve been giving glimpses into Caleb DeCardian’s POV.  Caleb is a former colonel of the Union Army during America’s Civil War who has been displaced and transported to the present century.  He’s made a less than glowing impression on Arianna Hart, the heroine of my novel. Arianna teaches American history at the local middle school.

This scene takes place early in the book after Caleb has done something to infuriate her (I don’t want to share spoilers).


Why the hell couldn’t she get the man out of her head? He exasperated and bewildered her but was gorgeous, magnetic and . . . sexual.

It surprised her to think of a man she’d just met in such an erotic fashion but, for all his courtly grace, Caleb exuded an aura of power that was primal. All she had to do was come within a few feet of him and her skin tingled.

The phone rang, jarring her from her thoughts. Flustered, she snatched up the receiver.


Thanks for reading. Comments are welcome!  You can find other participating authors and SSS snippets at the Six Sentence Sunday website.  Enjoy your day and happy reading!

31 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 5-13-12

  1. Great job with her pov, Mae, and you add an imaginative element with her feeling his sexual power over her. Let’s hope that once she finds out he’s from the past, they do more than discuss history. Lol


  2. This story sounds passionate! Very cool character coming into the present to meet the heroine. So many differences that would cause anxiety.


    • Got it, and many thanks! I’m still trying to wrap my head around Monday and was slow checking today. Once you comment, any future comments go straight through without being held up in the WordPress approval bay 🙂


  3. Oh my! If a girl has to be frustrated, that’s the way to go. Caleb, we get the point– is hot! And we can just feel the sensual fire ‘tween them, and know exactly where it’s gonna take them! Great writing, Mae! Poor woman doesn’t have a chance, does she? :-O


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