Am I the only one disappointed that Saturday’s Supermoon was a no-show?  At least in my area where a mass of clouds blotted the spectacle from sight.  That seems to be my luck when it comes to “sky events,” although I do recall witnessing a solar eclipse when I was a kid. Once.

And then there are shooting stars. Some people collect them by the handful. Not me. I don’t recall ever seeing one until I was an adult despite my penchant for stargazing. That’s my luck.

As a kid I had my own telescope and kept up with the hobby into my early adult years. I loved being outside cloaked in darkness, wrapped in the silence of a still night with nothing but starlight and the moon for company. To this day I’m enthralled by planetariums and could spend hours in one.

I’ve always been a little moonstruck, but know I’m not alone. Throughout the ages the moon has been the subject of folklore, ballads, philosophy and art. Poets, musicians and writers have all been bewitched by it and have romanticized it in turn. I know it’s a chunk of rock with a mantle, core and crust pockmarked by craters, but I prefer to think of it as an ancient siren call to werewolves . . . an enchantress that beckons lovers to embrace; a fickle mistress that flees with the dawn. There’s magic in moonlight. Stories to be told and worlds to conjure.

The next Supermoon will take place on June 23, 2013. Hopefully, the sky will be clear enough for a dazzling lunar spectacle. In the meantime I’ll be weaving tales kindled by moonlight while patiently waiting for the next heavenly show.

What about you? Does a full moon or a crisp star-strewn night inspire you to write?

6 thoughts on “Moonstruck

  1. Um, Supermoon? Dang– didnt’ even know that was happening this weekend, Mae. I did notice on Friday evening when I came home that the fullness of the moon had a special kind of energy that captured my attention. I’m always peeping out the beauty of the moon, and asking my friends or family ‘did you see the moon tonight?’.

    The colors of it, being big and fat, orange & red, hanging low– all of those– seem to usher in unique emotions within me. Sometimes making me feel dreamy, or passionate, or inspired– or it just ignites complete awe over the beauty of it.

    So- I definitely appreciate you sharing this Supermoon info with me, and join you in wishing for clear skies next time around. Please give me a heads up next time around, I’ll also join you in running outside to experience it on June 23, 2013!!


  2. I love a full moon- but it’s best right as it clears the horizon, large and round and multicolored. I have always been drawn to it and much prefer a were-wolf story to a vampire story.



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