Six Sentence Sunday 5-6-12

Welcome back, Six Sentence Sunday readers!  I’m continuing with Weathering Rock again today, my upcoming time-travel / paranormal release from Lyrical Press.  I hope you’ll join me in October for the novel when it finally hits the e-book “shelves.” 

Last week, I left my hero, Colonel Caleb DeCardian, (formerly of the Union Army during America’s Civil War, now transplanted to modern day) thinking about Arianna Hart, a woman he’s recently met. He’s attracted, she’s attracted, but of course, there’s friction between them. After a rocky start, Arianna has left in a huff.  This is from Caleb’s POV as he continues to think of her.


In his day, there was no such thing as casual sex. There’d been a handful of women he could call on if, and when, he’d felt the need to satisfy his natural instincts. Prostitutes and camp followers trailed after regiments and brigades, and brothels were abundant in most of the larger towns.

In the present world he’d had to adapt, knowing he couldn’t afford prying questions or emotional entanglements. Men still gathered in drinking establishments—now called bars—women too. He’d learned some of the females were eager to take him home for the night, as keen as he was for a few hours of pleasure.


There are many other Six Sentence Sunday offerings available for reading, so be sure to check out the website and the many talented authors who are participating. Thanks in advance should you like to leave a comment. I’m finding SSS fun, informative, and a wonderful way to meet authors and readers!

41 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 5-6-12

  1. I’m very intrigued by this! I love the contrast in his thoughts, of the world he knew and the new one he’s found himself in now (I’m assuming, anyway). I definitely want to read more!


  2. Well, you know I love time travels and this is one of the reasons why– the chance to explore the differences between the time periods through the eyes of someone completely new to the culture. Great 6!


  3. Sounds like he’s learning to fit in pretty well despite being out of his time, but I’ll bet those learned bits came with a few embarrassing and/or shocking moments. LOL


  4. I’m 34 and already doing the “kids these days” thing with, well, kids these days. I just can’t IMAGINE what it’s like to find yourself far, far into the future. Talk about a culture shock! Enjoyed it, Mae!


  5. What a ‘culture’ shock this modern age must be for him! That’s one of the reasons I love time-travel stories – to see how the characters see and adapt to their ‘transplanted’ time 🙂


  6. Great job showing the contrasting in the two different time periods you chosen. I’m intrigued by a story with a time travel / paranormal mix! I can’t wait to find out how the paranormal part plays out! Great six.


  7. The fine time-traveling hunk Caleb in a modern day bar– oh my! Love it! Would love to be a barfly listening in. These six give are great fodder for a the reader to imagine on how it might pla out. Mae –such good story telling on your part (and amazing on how you do it in just a few words,btw!)– to always bring us back to the friction this man from the past, living in the future, has to deal with (process). Also giving as bit of history in the mix! Great six, my friend! I know you’re going to score bigtime with your readers with this well-crafted story.


    • Thanks, Venice. I admit a huge soft spot for Caleb (and a few other characters in this book). He’s definitely got a lot to angst about. No wonder the guy thinks about cutting loose in awhile, LOL!
      Thanks for the wonderful comments!


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