Six Sentence Sunday 4-29-12

Welcome back, Six Sentence Sunday readers!  Last week, I took my snippet from Weathering Rock, my upcoming time-travel / paranormal release, which will be available in October from Lyrical Press. I left Caleb DeCardian (a former colonel in the Union Army during America’s Civil War, now transplanted to present day) drinking coffee and lamenting society’s obession with fat-free food and calories.

I’m jumping ahead a few paragraphs to where Caleb is thinking about Arianna Hart, the herione of my novel. They’ve gotten off to a rocky start due to a stupid stunt he pulled, but her hostility hasn’t stopped him from being intrigued:


He returned to the table, focused on more coffee. Given his problem with headaches, Wyn had told him to cut back, but coffee was one of the few indulgences he had left. Sex was a rarity, and he’d never developed a taste for tobacco or hard liquor.

That brought him back to sex and the nagging knowledge he’d been without it too long. He might have come from a morally stricter time, but he liked a willing and expressive partner in bed. Damn, if Arianna Hart hadn’t awakened thoughts of what he was missing.


Hope you enjoyed this short glimpse into Caleb’s POV. Comments are welcome and generally result in giddy delight from the author. You can find other great SSS reads at the Six Sentence Sunday website, along with information on how to participate.

And a fun time was had by all! 🙂

24 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 4-29-12

  1. What a great look into his character! Caffeine is how I *fix* my headaches, LOL. (Caffeine or sex, lol.) Funny how people are always trying to fix people. If he was a drinker, they’d probably tell him to switch to coffee, LOL. Enjoyed this six!


  2. interesting remark about coming from a sticter moral time yet liking his women exprssive in bed. would self expression in bed reflect poorly on a woman’s character back then?


    • Quite possibly, but soldiers and officers in the Civil War were used to “camp followers” tagging along who were anything but shy in pleasing the men. I guess you could say most of it was kept under the sheets! 😉


  3. More of Caleb– heck yes!! The guy’s strength, vulnerability, history and true nature shine in this six. Great offering, Mae! Love the man! ‘-)


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