Writing and Real Estate

They’re two of the biggest areas that dominate my life.  Why?  Writing is my passion and real estate is where I’ve spent the last 20+ years learning and engaging in marketing. It’s what I do for a living – – not listing and selling (although I do hold a license) – – but helping real estate professionals market themselves and their properties in a successful and creative manner.

Interestingly, there is a great deal of cross-over between the two, something I never realized until I sold my first book and realized – – gasp! – – I had to market myself! 

Weathering Rock, my time-travel/paranormal romance is going to be released in October by Lyrical Press. It’s an exciting time for me, but suddenly everything I’ve pushed my agents to do, I’m now faced with tackling myself.  Because of my marketing position, I know a fair amount about promotion and using social media, but when it comes to a personal online presence, I’ve always been happily reclusive.

No more. The spotlight of the online world has trapped me like a deer in the headlights.

By nature, I think most writers are solitary creatures.  True, I’ve had the support of a local network, and a small online circle of writing friends but, the thought of being “out there,” terrified me.   Initially.  To be a writer today is to leave a traceable digital footprint . . . just as a real estate agent would do.

Realizing that made my learning curve a little easier. I already knew a good deal about building websites but, suddenly, I was faced with blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Tribber, Pininterest, Tumblr . . . arrgh! I don’t use all of these resources yet, and there are others I’m still floundering through like a fish reeled on a hook, but something happened along the way I didn’t expect. I started enjoying the journey.

Who knew? 

I think the magic moment came when I began connecting with other writers and readers.  I wasn’t simply a face in a sea of posts in someone’s Facebook or Twitter stream. I encountered many of the same writers on various social sites and began to have conversations with them. Many were on the same learning curve or, because they were already established, were able to offer advice about settling in. I started to feel a sense of community and realized I was part of it. I made friends and was welcomed into the writing world. So many people have been helpful in sharing tips, resources, and guidance. It’s made the experience far less intimidating.

There are still times I wonder if I‘ll ever reach a point where I’m comfortable with my efforts. Notice I didn’t say ‘satisfied’ because I’m always looking for ways to grow and improve.  Then again, I think back to when I was a rookie taking my first tentative steps in the real estate industry, and I know that experience comes with time and growth – – Patience, Grasshopper.

I’ve been writing since I was a kid but, as a new author, I’m only beginning the journey. I hope many of you will choose to follow along as I experience the ins and outs of a writer on the countdown to publication.

For me, my characters, and my book, it’s going to be an incredibly exciting ride! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Writing and Real Estate

  1. Thanks, Sheri. You never realize how steep the learning curve is until you have to apply it to yourself and, suddenly, everything is cast in a whole new light. What a journey it’s been! Thankfully, I’ve met wonderful people like you. That blessing goes both ways 🙂


  2. Guess it’s kind of your life’s path revealing more of the ‘why’ it took you this way and that, Mae. How wonderful– that it was a preparation for you to be where you are now. A published author!! It’s in synch. I’m finding that my past is now making much more sense to the whys of my own writing journey.

    I do find though that the entire social networking piece is such a challenge. This marketing yourself thing creating such a huge and necessary job we must take on— but you, my dear, are doing a fantastic job of it! I’m so happy that you are able to apply what you do at work for others to help market yourself, your brand, and your great writing! Nice post!


    • How true when we look back over our lives and see how everything has fallen neatly into place. Well, okay, maybe not perfectly – – there is that huge learning curve – – but the pieces do fit nicely like a puzzle that has been slowly building. Social media has been a challenge (learning so much of it at once!) but I’m starting to feel a bit of a comfort zone and I know you will too!


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