Six Sentence Sunday 4-22-12

Hello, and welcome to my latest offering for Six Sentence Sunday!  This is pulled from “Weathering Rock,” my upcoming paranormal from Lyrical Press, scheduled for release in October.

Caleb DeCardian, a Colonel of the Union army during America’s Civil War, has been transported to the present, along with a former friend who has cursed him to life as a werewolf. In this scene, Caleb is trying to forget information he has just learned about his rival.


He needed coffee, strong coffee, something he could wrap his head around. He’d come to realize most everything else was watered down or tasteless in this future society, stripped of natural flavor or replaced by something proclaiming to be “reduced” “fat-free” or “diet.” People had gotten soft, few engaging in any type of physical labor. It was no wonder they needed a fitness regime and calorie-reduced imitation foods to keep them passably trim. He’d never even heard of a blasted calorie before awakening in the 21st century.

 At least breakfast was something he still recognized.


I hope you enjoyed my latest foray into the realm of sixes. Be sure to check out the other offerings this week at the Six Sentence Sunday website. I’ve met many wonderful authors through SSS and think you will too.  If you’d like to leave a comment regarding my six, I’d love to hear from you!  

Happy Six Sentence Sunday!

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